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A Fan’s Reaction: Jimbo Fisher Leaves Florida State

After 8 Seasons, Jimbo Headed to Texas A&M

NCAA Football: Florida State at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As you may have heard, Jimbo Fisher just accepted a mammoth deal from Texas A&M to become the Aggies’ new coach. Here are a few quick observations:

  1. Seminoles fans may have had this coming. One reaction toward a negative season is pure hate and castigation from the fan base, such as calls to fire Al Golden. Another reaction is passivity, in which fans are resigned to the fact that a coach will never leave. The whole Jimbo’s buy-out is too high, he won’t go anywhere narrative did not sit well with Jimbo, obviously. After many years of winning at championship levels, I believe Jimbo wanted full confidence and fan support. Instead, he received a lot of passive aggressive criticism. FSU will rue the day it let a coach like Jimbo leave Tallahassee.
  2. This smells a lot like how Tennessee treated Coach Phillip Fulmer toward the end of his very long tenure that spanned into two different decades. In 2007, Tennessee won an SEC division title, but a year after they had a losing record (5-7). Fulmer lost his job. Seeking an instant rebound Tennessee hired up-and-coming coach Lane Kiffin. Kiffin left Tennessee scrambling a year later. Derek Dooley didn’t work out going a combined 16 and 21. Butch Jones would follow achieving a combined 34 and 27 record. He got fired too. Tennessee tried to hire Greg Schiano but the fan base objected. That lead to its athletic director getting axed. Now, the very same guy forced out by Tennessee after the 2008 season is back as the interim athletic director for the school. Maybe they shouldn’t have fired Fulmer in the first place.
  3. Here’s what FSU might be after in terms of head coach possibilities. FSU is purportedly seeking a minority coach. There’s Willie Taggart from Oregon, potentially decent, but is unproven. Charlie Strong, who didn’t have the necessary juice to run Texas’ program. And also Kevin Sumlin, fired recently by Texas A&M. These options seem pretty mediocre. I don’t doubt that FSU can be great next year. With players like Brian Burns, Cam Akers, and Deondre Francois, a ten win season with any coach is possible. What I would be concerned about if I were an FSU fan is how any coach matches Jimbo’s recruiting expertise. Countless five and four-star recruits have signed with FSU in just the last few years. Especially in the midst of a coaching change, and stability lacking, FSU could revert to consistent mediocrity if they don’t hire the right head coach.
  4. Let these shenanigans be a reminder to Miami fans to be grateful for what we have. Stability when both FSU and Florida lack it. A strong recruiting class when FSU’s and Florida’s are losing steam. A collection of coaches that we can trust heading into any game or situation. Ten win season. Coastal division crown. A potentially loaded team next year. If things get “bad,” maybe we lose 5 games down the road, just remember the years prior to Mark Richt. The loss of our swag. It’s easy to support when things are going great, but try to show unwavering support when stuff hits the fan