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Miami Hurricanes Recruiting: Get free Early Signing Period Text Alerts with all the updates

Stay connected to all the Miami Hurricanes updates from the new Early Signing Period with free, that's right, 100% FREE text message updates from State of the U.

Virginia Tech v Miami Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Miami Hurricanes have an ELITE 2018 recruiting class, and look to lock down the majority or the 20 member group when they sign National Letters of Intent during the new Early Signing Period on December 20-22, 2017.

To help keep you updated on all the developments during this new Early Signing Period — the first ever for College Football Recruiting — State of the U is pleased to provide you with 100% FREE text updates all day long. That's right. FREE-99. No money down, all the updates delivered right to your phone. I know what you're thinking: you guys are the best!!! We know. And you're welcome.

How do you go about getting these 100% FREE text message updates? Follow the simple instructions below, which also has some FAQs to clear up any uncertainties you may have.

How do I sign up for the text updates?!

Text CanesNSD2018 to 84483. That's it. You're done.

Is this the same system as previous years? Do I have to sign up again?

Yes, this is the same text notification system we've used in previous years. There are still PLENTY of you signed up from last year’s text alerts. But, even if you registered last year, register again, just to be safe. And, if you didn’t register last year, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING ON? sign up now.

Just how many text messages will I be receiving for the Early Signing Period?

I'd estimate somewhere between 40 and 80 text messages over the course of 3 days. We'll be sending out all the NLI submissions, and some other timely messages for the coverage we'll be having for the 2018 Early Signing Period. So, it will be a few, but won't be "bored 10th grader in history class" levels of texts.

Wait, so this is really free? No catches?

Correct. This service is completely free for all users. Just like you text your friends, we'll be texting you. Standard text message and data rates (already typically included in your cell phone plan) apply.

Ok, so it's free. Does that mean I'll be getting unsolicited (SPAM) messages and offers sent to me?

No. Absolutely not. The only text messages you'll be getting are State of the U created Miami Hurricanes text message updates. The service enforces a ZERO SPAM policy which clearly prohibits unsolicited messages, and does not sell the contact information of its subscribers to its sponsors or third party marketers. Their word is their bond, and they cannot afford to go against the terms of service. You absolutely WILL NOT be receiving spam messages from this text message service.

When the Early Signing Period is over, how do I cancel this service?

All you have to do to cancel is text "STOP" to 84483. And you're done.

BUT, this is the same service, and same account, we’ll be using again for National Signing Day in February, so you might want to hold off on deactivating your account until then. Just a thought.

So, be sure you sign up for State of the U's 100% FREE text message updates and get all the recruiting news you could want for the 2018 Early Signing Period.