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Miami Hurricanes Orange Bowl Drinking Game

Beer shots only to survive the Orange Bowl

ACC Football Championship - Clemson v Miami Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

If you’re stuck at home watching the Miami Hurricanes from the comfort of your own couch, you and your friends can try out this Orange Bowl drinking game. I definitely suggest something like Coors Light over tequila or bourbon because we know the TV analysts, especially with bowl games, sit on these banalities as they know less about these teams and we’re far beyond ‘throwing out the records’ in meaningless bowl games.

The Miami Hurricanes are hosting-but-not-hosting the Wisconsin Badgers in the Orange Bowl game on December 30th of 2017. Wisconsin enters ranked 6th by the S&P+ rankings from Bill C while Miami is ranked 19th. The Badgers finished 2017’s regular season 12-1 with a loss to Ohio State, while Miami finished up 10-2 with losses to Pitt and Clemson.

Miami and Wisconsin haven’t played often. They’ve played four times with Wisconsin winning in 2009, and Miami beating the Badgers brains in back in 1989 with a 51-3 victory. Here are the stipulations for enjoying libations heading into the New Year’s holiday.

Jim Leonhard’s age or experience

Wisconsin defensive coordinator James Leonhard is young and inexperienced. College football fans are well versed on Leonhard. His defense is ranked first in the country by the S&P+. Leonhard has two years of coaching experience working with defensive backs at Wisconsin in 2016, and now as defensive coordinator in 2017. Jim has drawn on his NFL experiences where he played in the league from 2005-2014 for six franchises.

Pundits have really enjoyed bringing up these factoids about Leonhard and how he’s kept the Badgers defense rolling with their past defensive coordinators leaving for other positions- such as Justin Wilcox leaving Wisconsin after only a year to become the head football coach at Cal.

Mark Richt is Miami alumni

No horse has been beaten to death quite like Mark Richt is a Miami alumnus. Richt played at Miami with, wait for it, Jim Kelly. If the quarterback position group photo from his senior year is shown on the screen take a second shot. Richt sat behind Jim Kelly before graduating and moving on to be a graduate assistant at FSU. No he’s back in Coral Gables and he’s loving it. He’s doing back flips at Paradise Camp and his wife is on the sideline in an athletic trainer capacity.

Big Ten Championship - Ohio State v Wisconsin Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Jonathan Taylor and the Badgers running backs

Jonathan Taylor is just a freshman. He’s only a freshman. This guy is a freshman, can you believe it? The Wisconsin legacy of good college but bad NFL running backs has surpassed that of even Penn State at this point. Ron Dayne, Melvin Gordon, and Montee Ball. Maybe Gordon isn’t a bust just yet but 3.8 yards per carry isn’t much to brag about.

Taylor ran for 1800 yards and 17 touchdowns this year as a freshman. The Hurricanes don’t quite have back up to those stats as Taylor has ran for 6.8 yards per carry, while Travis Homer has ran for 6.3. But Taylor only ran for 40 yards and 2.7 yards per carry against Ohio State. Backs like Dayne and Gordon are surely going to come up for the analysts and you’ll be enjoying a shot or two per quarter.

The phrase “Cuban Links”

If I used Turnover Chain, well, you’re dead. But they do love using the phrase “Cuban Links” when describing the Turnover Chain. I think that gives the nation the impression that anything to do with Miami has to do with Scarface and Tony Montana. It’s gold chains, gaudy jewels, a guy named Diaz and a rapper with the same name. The “Miami players” love it... leaving out that well everyone loves it. Hell Ty from Solid Verbal loves it and he’s as square as they come.

The Turnover Chain has been challenged. Some want it melted down and turned into scrap. Some want it draped over the Orange Bowl trophy. Either way if Miami doesn’t win the ACC a Turnover Chain is just a bad gimmick to lure in eighteen year olds as part of a flash not substance campaign.

“RPO” or Run-Pass Option

It doesn’t matter who is playing, run-pass options or RPO’s will come up. If it’s a play-action pass, it’ll be an RPO. We’ve debated and discussed the merits of RPO’s a million times on this site and that’s beyond the point. The point is that RPO’s are now the “zone read” of the 2010’s. Brian Griese and Steve Levy have been on the call as of late which saves us from the mass confusion that is Kirk Herbstreit.

However, every time a bubble screen is thrown or there’s even remotely a fake to the back, you’ll hear RPO and we’re going to take another shot, fellas.