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Why You Should Make a Day Out of Canes Hoops & Canes Football Today

Canes Hoops opens ACC Play this afternoon, followed by Canes Football playing in the Orange Bowl this evening.

NCAA Basketball: Miami at George Washington
Freshman guard Lonnie Walker IV has been fun to watch all season
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven't noticed already, December 30th is a big day for athletics at the University of Miami. Whether you are a diehard Canes football fan, or a Canes college Hoops junkie, there is something for everyone. The basketball team is starting their conference schedule today against Pittsburgh, while the football team is closing out their season with a de facto home game in the Orange Bowl. Here's why both teams are worthy of your attention today, and you should just make an event out of supporting Canes Hoops and Canes Football.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Miami
Freshman Trajan Bandy took an interception to the house against Notre Dame
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Both teams have performed admirably thus far

Canes Football took us on a wild ride this season, as Coach Richt and his staff put together a second straight season on an upward trajectory. Occasionally, it's difficult to feel like this season was a success because of the bad taste that was left after ending the season with 2 straight losses. The positives of this season outweigh the negatives, and we were able to experience a lot of moments throughout the season that Canes fans haven't seen in over 15 years, such as a national storyline (Turnover Chain anyone?), a real place in the national championship conversation late in the season (#2 ranking with 2 weeks left), hosting College Football Gameday (best site of the season), a huge top 10 primetime matchup (Notre Dame, what a day that was), and an appearance in the ACC Championship (until the game started). I spent 95% of the season on top of the world, and that's worth celebrating.

Canes Hoops brought great expectations into the season and has delivered for the most part so far. Coach Larranaga has done an outstanding job turning around an afterthought of a basketball program during his time here. The only blemish on the team's 11-1 record was an off-night against a talented New Mexico State squad. Dewan Huell, Bruce Brown Jr, Ja'Quan Newton, and Lonnie Walker IV have all put in memorable performances to lead the Canes so far, and the outlook for this team entering ACC play is still high.

NCAA Basketball: New Mexico State at Miami
Coach Larranaga has built a contender in Coral Gables
Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

The logistics work out well

Just from a time perspective, Canes hoops plays at 4pm, and the Orange Bowl kicks off around 8pm. With the basketball game ending around 6pm, there's a decent dinner break built right in. The Miami-Pittsburgh matchup can be watched on the ACC Network, which is easily accessible on the WatchESPN app, and the Orange Bowl is obviously a national broadcast on ESPN.

Capitol One Orange Bowl: Miami Hurricanes vs Wisconsin Badgers: How to Watch

The possibilities are endless as far as where to post up to catch the games. You could hit a sports bar for the basketball game and eat a late lunch or early dinner, or head out after the basketball game and get a meal during the break and have a spot for the Orange Bowl. Maybe even consider watching both at home, and have some people over a good time. State of the U has even come up with a great drinking game to play while watching the Orange Bowl:

Miami Hurricanes Orange Bowl Drinking Game

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Miami
Hopefully the Turnover Chain makes multiple appearances at the Orange Bowl
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Both games are must-see-TV

Miami Football have been culture-shifters since the 80's, and they regained that role this season with the emergence of the Turnover Chain. So much of this season calls back to the glory days, such as the classic jerseys, the athletic-hard hitting defense, the big play offense, and the pure joy shown by the players on the field. If those aspects don't make you feel good as a Canes fan, I'm not sure what will (other than an obvious National Championship). You should not pass up the opportunity to witness the Canes raise the oranges to cap off this memorable season.

Canes Hoops has a team full of intriguing players, with the obvious seat filler being high flying freshman Lonnie Walker IV.

Bruce Brown Jr has struggled since returning from a wrist injury, but the do-it-all guard is always worth keeping an eye on. Dewan Huell has emerged as a dominant force on the interior, and Ja'Quan Newton's offensive game is mesmerizing when he decides to use it. Even Chris Lykes gives Canes fans something to be excited about off the bench, as his full throttle style while not perfect, ignites all the Miami players on the floor.

New Year's Eve Eve has the potential to be an awesome all-around day for Canes fans. Take advantage of the fact that we simultaneously have a successful football and basketball program. I know I will.