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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Capitol One Orange Bowl vs Wisconsin Badgers Edition

It was good early. And then, lots and lots of ugly.

NCAA Football: Orange Bowl-Wisconsin vs Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

So, uh......that sucked.

The Miami Hurricanes lost the Capitol One Orange Bowl to the Wisconsin Badgers 34-24 on Saturday night, and it wasn’t pretty.

Here’s the game recap by Stefan Adams for the narrative story of the game.

Also, here’s the 3 stars from the game by Matt Washington

And now, I get to dissect this thing from top to bottom.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly begins now.

The Good

  • Making it back to a New Year’s 6 bowl game. Miami hadn’t played in the Orange Bowl since 2004, so getting back to a game of this level was a good thing.
  • DeeJay Dallas continued to show his elite talent and skill. He had a 39 yard TD and continually found running room out of the Wildcat. He was one of the few bright spots for Miami in this game. Dallas finished with 8 carries for 69 (nice) yards and a TD and 1 catch for 22 yards.
  • HOT TAKE: DeeJay Dallas will be the starting running back in the 2018 season opener (that’s not really the point of this article, but I gave y’all that one for free)
  • With his TD pass to Lawrence Cager in the 2nd quarter, Malik Rosier set the record for most total TDs with 31.
  • Lawrence Cager had a career day receiving with 4 catches for 76 yards and a TD. Hopefully this is the first in many such performances from Cager.
  • Miami running the offense at tempo. Wisconsin had no answers for it....until Rosier threw the ball right to a defender (we’ll get there, trust me).
  • No but seriously, EVERY TIME MIAMI RAN THE OFFENSE AT TEMPO IT WAS MASTERFUL. This needs to be the M.O. moving forward. Go. Fast. And. Score. Points.
  • Miami’s defense had 6 TFLs and 1 sack. Those numbers are slightly less than the season averages, but still positive.
  • Zach Feagles’ punting. 4 puts for 186 yards (46.5 average) and a long of 54 (season long). It took a while, but this is the kind of talent he was billed to have and we finally saw it so that’s good.
  • Jaquan Johnson had 11 tackles and forced a fumble on Wisconsin’s first drive. Another solid day for him.
  • Speaking of fumbles, TURNOVER CHAIN for the recovery made by Dee Delaney.
  • The run game overall. Miami had 174 yards rushing, which is nearly 1.5x what Wisconsin allows per game. AND that came at 6 yards a carry. It wasn’t consistent (a couple big runs helped the numbers) but the run game was good for the most part.
  • 17 first downs
  • 6.9 (nice) yards per play
  • 18.5 yards per completion
  • 12 chunk (10+ yards) plays - 5 passes and 7 runs
  • 4 QB Hits
  • 4 PBUs
  • Team speed. Miami was clearly faster than Wisconsin. For a team with average speed at best when Mark Richt got here as coach, that’s a positive development.
  • The future at RB (and I already told you who I think is gonna start next season...the opener at least).

The Bad

(woo-sah.....okay I’m ready to go)

  • Malik Rosier’s interceptions. Pick one. The first one, the second one, or the third one. Bad individually and ugly collectively (don’t worry, we’ll get there).
  • 1 turnover forced....0 points scored. Rinse, repeat.
  • Yet another sub-50% passing day for Malik Rosier (11/26 for 42.3%)
  • Only 1 sack
  • Dropped SEVERAL interceptable balls thrown by Wisconsin’s QB. Gotta make those plays to win, gentlemen.
  • 78 to 55 disparity in plays in favor of Wisconsin.

The Ugly

I’m typing angry. Fuck it. Let’s do this.

  • If one play changed the game, it was Malik Rosier’s first interception in the 2nd quarter. Kc McDermott whiffed on his cut block attempt on a tunnel screen, so he shares blame to be sure, but when faced with a DE who was right in the passing lane, instead of throwing the ball away, Rosier tried to the force the ball in, and the Wisconsin player caught the ball that was thrown right to him. Miami was up 14-3 with all the momentum and about to put the game in a strangle hold if not for this dumb dumb DUMB play. It didn’t lose the game by itself, but if you look back to find out where things started to go wrong for Miami, this is it.
  • Malik Rosier. 11/26 for 203 yards 1 TD and 3 INT with 9 rushes for 41 yards and was sacked 3 times. The numbers don’t do justice to how bad he was, missing receivers and just being a mess. This is “Bad Malik” at its purest form, and simply can not continue. This needs to be the last time he plays in a game at Miami. Period.
  • Michael Badgley, normally reliable and one of the best kickers in Miami Hurricanes History, missed 2 FGs, including a chip shot from 23 yards out. Trash. Garbage. I expect better from you.
  • The Refs. I’m gonna say this now, there were more missed holding and pass interference calls against our opponent today than in any game all season long. Mark Richt, having sent video to the ACC all season long only to have them say “yeah, you’re right....but tough shit” SNAPPED on the refs tonight and rightfully so. It’s bullshit.
  • Missed hold after missed hold AFTER MISSED MOTHER FUCKING HOLD!!!!!!

(this one resulted in an interception, which was a TERRIBLE THROW, but still, call the foul that was clearly committed)

(there’s more but you get the picture, no?)

  • After going up 14-3, Miami was outscored 31-10 over the next 2 and a half quarters. Terrible.
  • 4 penalties for 20 yards.
  • Defense allowed Alex Hornibrook to look like Steve Young. 23-34 for 258 yards and 4 TDs for a decidedly average player is garbage. Hornibrook was asked about his propensity for interceptions on the year, and he said “our WRs just won their 1v1’s and it was easy” and I wanted to puke in the press box.
  • 130 yards rushing for Jonathan Taylor. He’s damn good, but giving up the most yards to a single player this season is garbage, too.
  • AJ Taylor. Was totally uncoverable for Miami’s nickel DBs (mainly Trajan Bandy) and had 8 catches for 105 yards and 1 TD on the day. Many of his catches converted 3rd downs, too.
  • Danny Davis III. Wisconsin’s 4th leading receiver, a freshman, had 3 TDs in the Orange Bowl. TRAAAAAAAAAASH.
  • Play calling was uneven at BEST.
  • Why did it take until the 4th quarter to throw deep to Jeff Thomas?
  • Just writing that makes me think about Malik Rosier’s performance and I’m mad all over again.
  • Miami DBs got Moss’d and had play after play made in their faces and didn’t turn around to find the ball. And that was across the board. Delaney. Bandy. Jaquan. Dean. Jackson. Trash.
  • DTs Kendrick Norton and RJ McIntosh did absolutely nothing.
  • Allowed Wisconsin to hold the ball for 39:52 of game time. That’s atrocious.
  • Allowed Wisconsin to convert 7-15 3rd downs, including several that were 6 yards or longer.
  • 24 first downs allowed
  • 5-5 red zone scoring allowed
  • 1-2 red zone scoring for Miami
  • 4 TFLs allowed
  • 3 Sacks allowed
  • 3 turnovers given
  • 10 points allowed off Miami turnovers.
  • Let Wisconsin’s 3rd and 4th WRs combine for 13 catches for 161 yards and 4 TDs. TRAAAAAAAASH.
  • I’m probably forgetting things but I know you will hop in the comments and let me know

Team Grades

Offense: D

If you discount Malik Rosier’s terrible play, this would be a B or maybe B+. Miami averaged 6.9 yards per play, and was able to find room to work. But MY GOD Rosier was bad, and that can’t be ignored.

Defense: D

Defense was on the field all day. Hornibrook had a 4 TD day and when he threw interceptable balls, Miami didn’t make the plays. Some random WR had 3 TDs. Jonathan Taylor had a solid day, but you can’t really blame the defense for giving up 130 yards (which was below his season average) to the all-time leader in rushing yards by a freshman in FBS history.

Special Teams: F

Zach Feagles had his best day of the year punting. Jeff Thomas and Braxton Berrios found a bit of room in the return game at times. But 2 missed FGs from 1st team All-ACC Kicker Michael Badgley are inexcusable.

Coaching: F

Man, things were going well UNTIL CMR CALLED THAT DAMN SCREEN PASS!!!!! And, the defense was good....and then all of a sudden it wasn’t. Yeah, I liked CMR getting heated and cussing out the ref for not calling holding against Wisconsin (he got a personal foul for his outburst), but that was about the only thing I liked from the coaches. Miami was up 14-3 and going for a score to put Wisconsin REALLY behind the 8-ball and they blew it. I can’t accept that. And I didn’t even mention several other things, so yeah, it’s an F from me, dawg.

And so the 2017 ends. 10-3 on a 3 game losing streak and a bowl loss that sucked.

That’s it for me. I’m sure you’ll share your thoughts in the comments below.

And, just so you know, we’ll have PLENTY of season recap content on the site in the coming days.

Go Canes