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2017 Recruit Notebook: QB N’Kosi Perry

A top player at the most important position in football, N’Kosi Perry is the future at QB for Miami

4-star Ocala (FL) Vanguard QB N’Kosi Perry leads Miami’s 2017 recruiting class.

In this installment of the Recruit Notebook, we meet the future of Miami’s QB position, whether it be this year or next: QB N’Kosi Perry.


Looking to find the QB of the future, Miami is bringing in 2 signal callers in this class, with Perry being the prize of the group. Florida’s 6A player of the year as a junior, Perry led Ocala (FL) Vanguard to the playoffs in each of the last 2 years. On top of that, Perry was favorably compared to Usain Bolt by an opposing coach, and broke 20 year ole records at Vanguard set by former NFL All-Pro QB Daunte Culpepper.

Perry is tall and thin at 6’3.5” 178lbs. He has a live arm and is very athletic. Perry is frequently seen using his legs to extend or make plays (hence the comparison to Bolt I already mentioned). Perry saw his stats decline off his award winning junior season, but that’s because his team routinely blew out their opposition, causing Perry and the other starters to rarely play into the 2nd half. But, he’s a top player at the most important position on the field, and a big get for Miami.

Last note here: it has been reported that N’Kosi Perry was the #1 player on Miami’s recruiting board. Not #1 QB...NUMBER ONE PLAYER OVERALL ON THE RECRUITING BOARD. Yeah, he’s pretty good, you guys.

Recruiting Ranking

Perry is a top tier talent, and one of the highest rated players in Miami’s 2017 recruiting class. On the 247sports composite, Perry is a 4-star prospect, the #6 Dual Threat QB in this class, #29 in the State of Florida, and #151 recruit overall. After winning 6A POY as a junior, a very good senior season, and all KINDS of potential, this is a rating befitting a player of Perry’s caliber.

Perry picked Miami over 11 other offers, including Auburn, Georgia, Louisville, and Tennessee.

Perry as a player

N’Kosi Perry is the future. He’s the Franchise. He’s the guy. Like I said earlier, he was the #1 player on Mark Richt’s recruiting board, and has the physical skills to be a gamechanger at QB.

Since he’s such an important player, here are a couple pieces of analysis on Perry, first from a friend of mine who played QB, and was a D1 recruit:

N’Kosi Perry 6’3” 178 lb. Quarterback from Vanguard High School in Ocala just broke Daunte Culpepper’s 20 year old Vanguard High school record when N’Kosi threw his 57th career touchdown in 2016. N’Kosi’s statistical extravaganza didn’t just stop there. The talented Dual Threat finished his career with 5127 passing yards, 64 passing touchdowns, 494 yards rushing and another 20 touchdowns on the ground.

N’Kosi is a very gifted thrower and I don’t by any stretch of the imagination consider him a run first prospect. He has the ability to make every throw in the route tree, makes good decisions (64 Td’s vs 13 Int’s on the career) and shows the ability to establish himself in the pocket.

N’Kosi also shows “wow factor” ability on film including one play in particular where his center snapped the ball through his legs. N’Kosi ran back around 15 yards behind the line of scrimmage and then proceeded to throw a 55 yard plus bomb on the money down field to an open receiver.

N’Kosi has the ability to extend plays outside the pocket and also can make defenders miss with his legs. N’Kosi would instantly be a legitimate threat in any zone read component in the Mark Richt RPO series.

What I do consider concerning, however, is that N’Kosi has some footwork issues that cause him to be inconsistent with his release point and delivery. And although N’Kosi has the frame to put on weight at 6’3”, he would still greatly benefit from a college nutrition and strength program being listed at 178 lbs.

Ultimately Mark Richt and Co-Offensive Coordinator Thomas brown have put an emphasis on having a quarterback who can extend plays since their arrival at Coral Gables. N’Kosi fits perfectly in what I believe they are trying to accomplish offensively.

N’Kosi Perry is a dynamic playmaking QB prospect one in which the University of Miami hasn’t seen at the position. I can see why coach Mark Richt made him his overall top prospect for 2017.

Now, I said on Twitter a while ago that I had a comparison for Perry. And now, I’m going to tell you who that comparison is with:

Marcus Mariota.

I know you think this is outlandish on surface value, but many people whose opinions I trust agreed with his comp. So, for proof of this, I had our X’s and O’s guru Justin Dottavio (aka Ironman Football) do a video comparing Perry and Mariota. Take it away, Coach!

2017 Outlook

As you know, Miami needs a new starting QB after the departure of Brad Kaaya. Perry was brought here to play, to start, to be legendary. After his highly publicized failure to recruit Deshaun Watson, Mark Richt sees Perry as that kind of dynamic player. But, even for as great as Watson was in college, he didn’t start from day 1. And, while I think that Perry eventually starts — this year even — I don’t think he’ll start from day 1 either.

Chance for a redshirt: 2/10

I just think that Perry is too talented, and too perfectly suited for the offense that Mark Richt wants to run to sit for long. I saw a couple people say he should be starting by mid-season, and I agree with that. You can’t keep a guy like Perry on the sidelines for long. And hopefully, if he proves he can handle it, Miami won’t have to.

That’s it for this installment of the Recruit Notebook.

Go Canes