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Convos with Canes Vol. 1: Lance Hurdle

Former Miami Hurricanes point guard Lance Hurdle shared his thoughts on life in Coral Gables back in the day, how Australia is treating him and the current state of Canes Hoops.

Ohio State v Miami Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

I wanted to throw something a little different at our readers, so, naturally, I started reaching out to players of Canes Hoops’ past to test their interest in joining me to lay down some straight knowledge and insight on the State of the U.

This first installment features a man who ran at the speed of light while helping to push the pace for an offense that highlighted knockdown shooters such as Jack McClinton and James Dews. That man is Lance Hurdle.

In 2007, Lance Hurdle, transferred from junior college to the University of Miami to play point guard for Frank Haith’s squad, joining the likes of Dews, McClinton, Jimmy Graham, Brian Asbury, Dwayne Collins and more.

Those teams were fun. Those teams were very fun. They may not have been the most talented college team ever assembled in Coral Gables — and they certainly weren’t the best coached — but, nevertheless, they could give even the most dominant a 40-minute long war when asked. Many of us grew up watching Hurdle’s squad that memorably defeated the No. 4 ranked Dookies, 96-95, at a sold-out Bank United Center back in 2008.

Anyway, I picked the 29-year-old’s brain about all-important topics such as:

Clearly, hard hitting questions only.

Take a listen below and enjoy. Transcript is at the bottom if you’d like to read it.

Brian Asbury is next. Keep ya’ eyes peeled.


Q. What was you’re greatest experience as a Miami Hurricanes athlete?

A. “Probably my Junior year. We won — I think we won four in a row when we went on the road and beat Georgia Tech, came home and beat Duke at home and then that Saturday we beat Maryland, then Boston College. It was awesome. And after we beat BC, it was Senior Night, and we KNEW we were for sure into the NCAA Tournament. And just the whole tournament, the experience was awesome. I just love everything about Miami. The experience. The love that the fans showed on campus and in the city. It was amazing and I can’t wait to get back out there again.”

Q. Your worst?

A. “I don’t have any. I met some amazing people at The U, so I can’t think of a worse experience I had at Miami at all … Besides breaking up with my girlfriend. At the time, it was the worst experience — I joke when I say that. But I really just had the best time.”

Q. Best athlete you played with and what made him so special?

A. “I played with a few, man. Jimmy Graham, obviously. Dwayne Collins. Dequan Jones. We’re talking about great athletes. You know Jimmy — At the time I was one of the fastest, if not thee fastest on the team and Jimmy was the second. 6-8, built. He was running a 4.5-4.6 forty and it’s just like, how are you running that fast if you’re that big?? He was just a freak athlete. Dwayne Collins as well. Just what he could do with a basketball down low. Dequan Jones, you’ve seen his freshman year what he did with that dunk that’s all over Youtube. I can go on and on but those are the athletes that stand out.”

Q. Rank these teams from ‘Hate’ to ‘Hate Less’: Duke, FSU, UNC

A. “Man, I really don’t hate anybody. Actually, growing up as a kid I wanted to go to North Carolina because I’m a huge Michael Jordan fan. I wouldn’t say I hate any of them but FSU was our rival. Any time we were playing them it was like a must-win. And we just didn’t like Duke because nobody liked Duke, everybody wanted to beat Duke and everybody wanted to beat North Carolina. So If I had to rank them, I would probably say Duke first because nobody likes Duke. FSU because that’s a school rivalry, and then UNC. Those three were the teams we had to beat. Those were the teams we circled on our schedule every year.”

Q. Thought on Coach Larranaga and the current state of Canes Hoops?

A. “I think he’s awesome for the University of Miami. My brother went to George Mason, I actually watched that tournament run when he took his team to the final four. I always thought he was a great coach and when he came into Miami I really thought he had the players to do what he wanted to do. I believe he’s awesome, I think Shalala made a great choice when she hired him. He’s a great asset to the university and to the city of Miami, so I’m glad he’s there.“

Q. How’s Australia?

A. “I’ve been out here for a while. I came out here in 2013, tore my ACL and now I’m back out here playing. I played in the NBA D-League the other years I wasn’t out here but it’s great out here. The people show love. I’m able to do what I love and play basketball. And I’m also here to coach. I’m here coaching the young kids and teaching. I’m also the player development director of one of the junior basketball clubs out here. So I’m able to do something I love and play the game. And do another thing I love — that’s to teach and give back. And just what was sewed into me poured back into the kids, the community. I just use basketball as a vehicle to teach and help and show people the way.“