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Miami Hurricanes Football: offensive weapons abound

How will Miami create touches for it’s dynamic athletes on offense

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The sport of football is no stranger to having an original concept be copied from one program/team to the next, with tweaks and alterations applied to best suit a team's strength. Coaches no longer instruct their own players but soon are holding clinics to impart their wisdom to peers and fellow curious minds who desire to grasp its concept before deciding if implementing it to system is viable, or how to perhaps counteract it down the road.

That leads one to ask the question, what are some rising trends from CFB, HS or NFL landscapes that would benefit Miami moving forward?

Glancing over the roster you have to imagine Coach Mark Richt figures to dial up the offense a couple notches based upon the personnel at his disposal, as well as entering his second season as play-caller at The U. Many intriguing sub-plots heading into the fall have brought up light bulb moments for coaches from the couch. There are various hypotheticals as we journey down the path towards Sept. 2 that has anticipation running high even though we're far from the date.

How do we use Mike Harley Jr. and Jeff Thomas?

With a more athletic quarterback, can designed QB runs or option football see an uptick in their usage rate?

Can defenses load the box against Mark Walton even with Ahmmon Richards and _______ lined up on the numbers?

Should Miami's O move to a higher tempo in certain situations or in specific areas of the field?

Those are just a few of the quick slant topics that surely have been discussed and hopefully installed in the coming weeks.

I'm of the mindset that your system is dependant on the personnel available. It's great in the meeting room to install a play to beat a man off the jam at the LOS. That said, if you're not blessed to have the strength and technique to create separation like Andre Johnson back in the day then you're handcuffed in your play-calling, ultimately holding back the offense as well as the offensive system you run.

We've seen just about every program in the country line up with 11 personnel (1 running back, 1 tight end). There are the exceptional talents that line up in the 'Wildcat' formation at take the direct snap.

David Njoku and Chris Herndon were two elite pieces, creating mismatches position of tight end, that the offense was able to take advantage of by using both players (Herndon was more H-Back) on the field simultaneously . As we get closer to spring it's still murky as to who'll be the Kelly Rowland to Herndon's Beyonce. Regardless, Herndon alone is a mismatch at a position that is known for doing so on game days and will likely see his role evolve more in his final year. Whether that means he lines up attached to the line of scrimmage as most traditional TEs, detached from scrimmage similar to Njoku last season, or lines up in the familiar H-Back position that is little bit behind the line of scrimmage in the backfield.

Miami is in the fortunate position to have a bonafide No.1 receiver in Ahmmon Richards. They should also have a couple options at second WR position, as well as 3-receiver set have plenty of options in the slot with cagey veteran Braxton Berrios and true frosh peers Jeff Thomas and Mike Harley. The 'Canes assuredly have high-end options to go along with the Lamborghini at the top of the depth chart.

If the young boys are what they're touted to be (many believe they are) then Miami could spread the field with an empty set that features legit threats in the passing game. That's even before imagining Mark Walton flexing out of the backfield. The possibilities are what truly make spring football an exciting period on the CFB calendar.

Few if any would place the offensive line in the strength category a season ago. However, if there was ever a time to exhibit improvement it would be during the spring. Coming off a season that seen them protect the face of the program, their task will be to keep an unproven starter clean as well as open holes for a Doak Walker award watch list member.

The catch to those ambitions still boil down to Miami getting quality play from a quarterback that will be sitting across from Jon Gruden in the weeks to come.

What do you think? What would you like to see Miami incorporate into the offense in 2017? Let us know in the comment section.