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My Top 5 recruits of 2017

and reasons why


National Signing was a week ago when this will be published. As I have already started diving into the 2018 class that seem like a month ago. I will take some time to look back and rank my totally biased top 5 kids from the class of 2017. I expect that Deonte Johnson, Jonathan Garvin, Jeff Thomas, Jhavonte Dean, Amari Carter, Trajan Bandy, Navaughn Donaldson, Corey Gaynor, and Weldon and or Perry will all crack the 2 deep come fall. I will narrow that list down to my top 5.

Here we go...

5. Jhavonte Dean, CB (6-2, 180)

Originally from Homestead this speedster from Blinn College should start for Mike Rumph from day 1. Corn Elder left huge shoes to fill and Dean will be a huge part in filling them. What he lacks in technique he can more than make up for when the ball is in the air with his recovery speed. Mike Rumph will craft his game quite nicely. When I woke up to his commitment last week I was very pleased.

4. Corey Gaynor, Interior OL (6-4, 282)

I have not talked to a single person that has spent any amount of time with this kid that does not love everything about him. He needs to put on some weight but I have gotten no indication that he will not strive to be the best version of himself at this level. I had Larry Blustein on my podcast recently where he called Gaynor the steal of the class. He has the mentality you are looking for from an interior offensive lineman. In his Hudl I believe someone counted 102 pancakes. I really want Gaynor to compete for and ultimately take the starting Center job as a true freshaman.

3. Amari Carter, S ( 6-2, 188)

Amari will sit out halves of football games for targeting. That is as close to a guarantee as I can make. He loves to punish recievers and ball carriers alike. He will step up in the run game with no hesitation. He’s not the fastest guy and can get lost in coverage at times but has the ability to get himself back into any play. I have him as a projected starter with Jaquan Johnson in the fall.

2. Jeff Thomas, WR (5-10, 175)

ESPN clocked him at a 4.35 40 time. We will look to get him the ball in many ways. His ability to seperate on routes make him a threat from the slot or the outside. I also look for him to be a big part of the return game. We saw him put on a show at the Under Armor All-American game which proves what he can do against elite talent. We will look to get him the ball in a variety of ways. Defenses will have to pick their poison with him and Ahmonn come game time.

Drum Roll please....

  1. Jonathan Garvin, DE ( 6-3.5,222)

There was a lot of buzz about this kid in Palm beach County last spring. No one really expected him to be with Miami. I know I had him pegged for Clemson. When we got the out of the blue commitmentment in August I was pleasantly surprised. Garvin is a kid with great athleticism and great wingspan. He anticpates throws and knocks a lot down at the line. His first step is crazy. He is said to be up field by his third step by some guy named Jon Vilma. With Jo Jackson and Chad Thomas already there Garvin will not be asked to do too much and will fit into his role quite nicely. Coach Kool has a special talent on campus and will take full advantage.

That is my list and it does not include Deejay Dallas, N’Kosi Perry, Deonte Johnson, or Trajan Bandy. I would say all of those guys are on most other fans lists. This is mine tell us yours in the comments section...