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Patience and Selectivity

Recruiting practices that are welcomed in Coral Gables

NCAA Football: Florida A&M at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Your Miami Hurricanes are currently ranked #2 on 247 team rankings for the class of 2018. Is it early? Yes. Can it be maintained? Absolutely, under this new regime and philosophy.

In previous years Miami has started off ranked high on some sites team rankings. This was a lot due to the amount of offers that were thrown out and not necessarily on the quality of player that was committed. How many years do you remember on NSD when our previous head coach would go on 560 WQAM and talk about what he had committed to the next class while deflecting on the questions asked about the class he just signed? Now they class is ranked high because we have top players committed and they all seem to have bought in.

There is a couple reasons why this is the case..

  1. Now we do our evals and do not let ranking sites or camps do them for us. A lot of us fans have wondered why Miami hasn’t offered American Heritage DE, Andrew Chatfield. The staff is going to wait and see what position they project him at the next level and do their own evaluation on him. Not that he will not get a strong offer but right now they are going through the evaluation process on him. Elijah Moore is another. BUT HE GOT AN OPENING INVITE. I am sure they are well aware of that and maybe down the road pursue him heavily but for now they are looking for a different body type at the WR position. Will these offers come? Maybe, when they do you will know that they were well researched and thought out.
  2. This staff does not reach. After you all watched a 5 hour snapchat video(I say you all because I am washed and can’t work the app) of Anthony McFarland picking Maryland did the staff reach for a non-Miami caliber player? No. They just saved the spot for next cycle and now they have Lorenzo Lingard and Camron Davis ready to jump on board for 2018. When CJ Henderson picked UF did run out and try to fill that postion hastily? No. That put us in great position to land Citadel CB, Dee Delaney, who is going to come in and start day 1 in my opinion. Would these players have come if we would have panicked and threw out weird offers? I don’t know but as of now you have to love the result.

Sit back and enjoy the ride. This is momentum I expect to carry on into the season. We are in good hands. We have a big boy staff now. Enjoy the ride.