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Day of David: David Njoku featured on NFL Network’s Path to the Draft & Total Access

Miami’s prized prospect shines on NFL Network

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

When you are ranked as one the top prospects at the tight end position, along with being regarded as one of the better overall athletes in the draft, the spotlight tends to follow you closely.

On Tuesday Miami TE David Njoku stepped further into the spotlight when he was the featured guest on the NFL Network’s two premier series, Path to the Draft and NFL Total Access.

On Path to the Draft, host Bucky Brooks projected that the Pittsburgh Steelers would be an ideal fit for Njoku. Pittsburgh has been looking to solidify the TE position since Heath Miller retired in 2016.

Looking very dapper in his suit, Njoku fielded questions from NFL media analyst Daniel Jeremiah who praised Njoku’s athleticism, asking him how a 7-foot-1 high jump clearance could translate into his pro career.

Asked whether he keeps in touch with other UM tight end greats, with the exception of Bubba Franks, he talks to Jeremy Shockey, his good friend Stan Dobard and others UM greats at the position before him.

As much love as the 20-year-old man has for his alma mater, he has a deep love for his family.

During his appearance on NFL Total Access he discussed the love for his other 9 siblings along with his mother. During his segment with host Dan Hellie and Michael Robinson Njoku revealed that his first big splurge once he gets paid will be to contribute to his sister Faith Njoku’s research/fund.

Other interesting points about David Njoku

  • Said he’s getting his weight up in preparing for both the combine and pro day
  • Has been working on his in-line blocking
  • Trying to stay level-headed spiritually, mentally, and physically
  • Growing up in NJ he was a Jets fan, then a Giants fan for a bit.
  • Praised his high school coaches for his explosion off the line
  • Models his game after Jimmy Graham, Vernon Davis and Greg Olsen. He would like to find his own style when “**** hits the fan”
  • Stated that he loves competition. He would rather be number two (ranked TE) and compete to his utmost than simply be number one and not compete in regards to discussions that he should’ve have stayed another year in school.
  • Even though he is slotted as the “second-best” TE behind OJ Howard, he holds no resentment for the Crimson Tide TE, who he talks to here and there.

Almost certain to be a first round selection, Njoku and the rest of the world will have to wait another 36 days before we find out where the next step in his career will take him.