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Day 1 of Spring is in the Books

Let’s see who has caught our eye early

Day 1 of Spring football is in the books and I will not allow that to be too early for me to look at some players that caught the eye of the the coaches and the media that were there.

First of all, you can tell that Coach Felder has been working these guys hard. Amari Carter up 9 pounds already since he has been on campus. Memebers of the Offensive line have thinned out and seem to have gotten stronger. Along with Dionte Mullins who has bulked up and put on close to 20 pounds in the off season.

So we’ll start with him...

Two people’s whose evals I trust are Coach Richt and Christopher Herndon. This will come as very good news if Mullins can put it together in his sophomore year. With coaches still being careful with Lawrence Cager (All reports are he is okay just being eased back in after injury), this and the fact that Deejay Dallas, “The Ambassador” and early enrollee 2-way player were mentioned is a really good sign. If Mullins continues to improve and master the playbook opposing secondary’s are going to be sick on Saturday’s trying to figure out how to cover this team.

Many predicted that Navaughn Donaldson would be a day 1 starter (Cam and I on the SOTU NSD Podcast) but I dont that I meant DAY ONE of Spring. Obviously this isn’t the set in stone line up for the fall but this is a good sign. Since, this area code of a man has stepped onto campus he has earned the trust of the coaches to get first reps in very short order.

These are just a couple that I saw talked about yesterday and it will be a fluid situation. I will be at practice tomorrow and will have notes on other players throughout the weekend.