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Day 2 of Spring Practice Thoughts and Notes

The viewing of portion of practice was just 10 minutes today so we did not see much. After practice OC/RB Coach Thomas Brown, DC Manny Diaz, sophomore LBer Shaq Quarterman, and sophomore WR Ahmonn Richards...

Brown was then asked “How excited are you to see how this whole quarterback thing plays out?”

A: “Really excited, obvioulsy some people might think it gets scary at times but it’s a great opportunity for guys to come in and compete even for guys that were here last year. I think it is harder sometimesto really go all out and compete when you really dont feel like you have a chance to beat a guy out, but when it is an open competetion we can find out who wants to play and who really doesn’t want to play....”

Went onto say that everyone looks good in shorts on day 2... We’ll see when we get those pads on.

Coach Diaz was asked about the freshamn Linebackers to which he replied “ the best thing about freshman is they become sophomores. They now understand what it takes to be a big time college football player... really what the season requires of you... I think you guys all know those are special kids.”

When asked about redine to Safety Coach Diaz said that they want the 4 best players in their secondary and they envision Redwine as being able to fill the Rayshan Jenkins role for them.

Quarterman went on to talk about his new repsonsibilities as a sophomore. He told us that he is there to hold his teammates accountable and expects them to do the same to him.

Richards was later asked about Dionte Mullins.

“Yeah I hang with him 24/7 he’s been working”

Of course everyone was asked about the quarterback situation. No one would commit either way because we are only 2 days in. Everyone said they are all out there competing and working their tails off.. I’m sure that we will all pay close attention the that postition and I am sure players and coaches will be asked every day at every practice...