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Beyond The U: Q & A With Dale Carey

Check out this Q & A with Alum, Dale Carey!

NCAA Baseball: College World Series-Arizona vs Miami Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

For you avid Canes baseball fans you know that Dale Carey was a stud. He was a four year starter and in his senior year at Miami, he batted .305 (So Fitting) and was the only Cane to play in all 63 games in 2014. His senior year accolades include All-ACC Second Team, All Atlantic Region Second Team and ACC Championship All-Tournament Team. Carey was drafted in the 7th round (214 overall) by the Washington Nationals. Carey currently plays centerfield for the Potomac Nationals. He was kind enough to answer some questions about some of his role models, his experience in Miami and also gave some advice to kids trying to pursue a baseball career:

Who was the person to get you into baseball?

“My dad was the person who got me into baseball. I started playing baseball around the age of 5 years old.”

Who is your personal and sports idol?

“My number 1 personal idol is my father because every kid’s dad is their hero and my father was mine growing up and is to this day. Sports idol would be Mike Cameron because I know him pretty well and he has given me a lot of advice throughout my baseball career.”

What was your recruitment like and why was Miami the best school for you?

“Recruitment was fun I had a good amount of offers but UM was the best because a lot of my dad’s side of the family is from south Florida so all they would tell me was that I'm going to Miami, to them I had no other choice lol.”

How big of a transition was it living in Miami?

“Getting used to living in Miami wasn't that hard. I'm from Georgia so the traffic I'm used to. The drivers here are way more aggressive, though. Also there are some parts in south Florida that people speak nothing but Spanish so that took some time getting use to lol.”

What was your favorite part of being a Miami Hurricane?

“My favorite part about being a Cane was playing with my teammates because they became brothers and nothing was more fun than taking the field with them every game.”

How great of a coach is Coach Morris?

“Jim Morris aka (3) is a great coach he has so much knowledge of the game. He makes sure we understand what he wants us to work on everyday at practice and demands perfection out of us.”

What is the one thing that you took away most playing at Miami?

“Work ethic. We trained hard at Miami and we always tried to out work each other so I will always take that with me know matter where I go. Whether it be in baseball or not I'll always try to out work somebody.”

What was it like being drafted? Which was sweeter: out of high school or college?

“It was a great experience to be drafted out of high school but I was way too immature to play pro ball at that age. So going to Miami made me grow up a lot and getting drafted out of Miami was sweeter because getting drafted once is hard so doing it twice is always a good thing.”

Was there a big transition from college to pros?

“Playing everyday, the 8 hour bus rides and the host families. You get spoiled in college. It's a grind all the way through the minors until you make it to the big leagues. That's the end goal it all pays off when you make it to the show.”

What is the one thing that you want to tell kids out there wanting to pursue a college and pro baseball career?

“Work as hard as you can every time you practice and make sure you're going 100%. Never let somebody out work you. Try to be the best at everything. Also, the biggest thing to is make good grades because if you want to play ball In college you have to have grades or you can't get into the school and you always want something to fall back on.”

I would like to give a big shout out and thank you to Dale Carey! Canes nation wishes you nothing but the best and can’t wait to see you in the show!