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3 Story Lines to Watch Going Into Spring

NCAA Football: Florida A&M at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

With Spring football to start in less than 2 weeks I want to look at a few story lines going into Mark Richt’s second Spring...

Position Battles

I know that most will look to the quarterback battle as the most important in the Spring. I think that the way the Offensive Line sets up in the next month will be just as interesting. This will be the first time we are seeing George Brown Jr, LSU transfer, in a Canes uniform? Will he be the starting LT throughout Spring? Can Navaughn Donaldson take a starting spot in his first Spring? Is Linder automatically the starting C even though Gauthier played very well there to end the season?

The Safety opposite Jaquan Johnson will be a good one to keep an eye on too. Who will be Miami’s corners in the Spring?

Some good battles to watch.

Can the defense pick up where it left off?

Last season we made a jump in every defensive category to finish 12th in overall defense. Manny Diaz’s attacking 4-3 defense recorded 108 tackles for loss compared to just 66 in the previous year. Can we find the depth we will need in the defensive secondary this season to improve on an already very good defense?

We know what we have in the front 7 and I will put it with anyone in the ACC. The question the Spring will answer is depth in secondary and LBer.

Can we continue to recruit at this level during Spring Camp?

Storm18 is off to a very fast start. It will be interesting to see if the staff can keep up the pace through March and into April. I think it is sustainable because I believe in momentum in recruitng. As high schools start their Spring ball there will be a lot of talk about the Miami Hurricanes on those practice fields.

I think we continue to eat on the trail throughout Spring but it’s always something to keep an eye out for.

There are many more story lines but those are the ones I will be watching closely. Comment with others.