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Cade Weldon: A Good Fit For The Miami Offense

Cade brings polish and guts to the competition

QB Cade Weldon, Miami Hurricanes
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Cade Weldon seems like the “other guy” heading into spring football. However, that should be far from the truth. Cade is a 6’3 200 pound Quarterback from Tampa, FL with NFL genetics from his Heisman runner-up/Seminole father Casey Weldon. Cade led Jefferson High into the playoffs, losing to Jesuit. Cade has played in an offense that resembles much of what Coach Mark Richt and his OC Thomas Brown are looking to do in Miami.


Cade does a great job of not only surveying the field and making reads, but also looking off the safety on throws. On his Hudl senior highlight, around 0:23 you’ll see him mke a nice read and survey the field. He’s well schooled and with a retired NFL QB for a father, it’s no surprise. You can see it at 0:33 in the highlight as well, he looks guys off and has perfect speed on the ball.


Cade also has a strong arm and makes college level throws. Time and again on his highlight he’s throwing a deep smash route, reading the coverage and spotting the ball perfectly to the slot running the corner. The GIF below is a great example against Jesuit, one of the more talented teams in Florida. At 0:39, 0:46, and 0:59 he shows off his arm.


When needed, Cade can scramble too. Again, against Tampa Jesuit, he tucks the ball and makes a couple of nice cuts, and runs over a tackler. He moves well on the post-snap RPO’s on the highlight at 0:13 and 4:49 too.

Experience in the Scheme

The physical ability is there, as is the mental ability and polish. What’s also a plus over N’Kosi Perry is that Weldon has been in a more complex offensive system and has made college level reads. Instead of one-read and run, or just one-read and having the arm to put it anywhere, Weldon has been coached up on making the appropriate progressions and scanning the field.

His offense was built on his ability to read a defense and spread the ball around. As you watch his tape, you can see very similar passing concepts to Richt’s at Miami. The Stalk/Bubble with Slant backside concept, Smash, and RPO (0:13, and 4:49) with some mobility required are in both playbooks. Also the ability to play under center or in the gun. Neither needs the QB to be the main ball carrier, but the offense can flourish if the QB can extend plays, move the pocket, or even keep the ball to keep defensive lines honest.

Full Videos

Enjoy Cade’s full highlight below and below that are highlights from the Jesuit game.