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Miami Hurricanes Football: Mark Richt transcript 4/1

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No joking around, here’s what CMR had to say after today’s practice

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Another day on the field for Spring Practice, another chance to get a recap from Head Coach Mark Richt. Here’s what the head man had to say today, courtesy of UM Athletics:

On the turnout for the coaching clinic…

“This is actually a high school coaches’ mini clinic, but we do have a lot of recruits here. That’s the beauty of living here and having so many great players that are in this area. And a day off of school, is a great day for guys to come. We have been really blessed to have a lot of recruits come, just about every Saturday. And some guys come midweek over their spring break. Things like that. But today, we call it a mini clinic. We want the high school coaches to come and watch our practices as close as they want to get and then what we will probably do, we are going to break bread with everybody for about a minute. And then what we will probably do is watch film in the big rooms, in the big team rooms. So offense might be in there with anybody who wants to learn offense. And defensive coaches will be in the other room with the defensive-minded high school coaches. Then we will just watch tape and just tell them how we do our drills, how we run our system, what we do, why we do it and let them ask any questions they want. And when we get through practice, we break into segments and allow them to ask anything they want about anything. So it is a good day for them and we are thankful we had a good turnout.”

On what it is like to compete against Miami when they are recruiting so well…

“Well, there are certain areas of the country that if we are doing what we are supposed to be doing, we want to make it at least tough for everybody. Because we know everybody is still going to want the same guys we want. And you know you have the state of Louisiana. If LSU is rocking and rolling, it is hard to get those guys out of there. You might get one or two out of there, but it is hard and that is what we want to do. Make it difficult. If someone is going to steal one out of there, it’s got to be where they can’t start just plucking them out without a battle. And that’s the big thing for us. We want to battle for every one of these guys who want to be here. To this point, we have a lot of positive vibrations on that.”

On freshman running back Robert Burns…

“Robert, he is still being evaluated right now. Trying to decide what to do, but he did get injured. I won’t say what because I don’t really have permission from [Associate AD/Athletic Training] Vinny [Scavo] or the family on that. If they want to say something, they can. But he got an injury and just not sure how severe yet. Within a few days we will know exactly what it is and what we are going to do about it, but he was out because of an injury.”

On how to guide a player like Burns through this injury …

“Just love him, and do what’s right by him as far as diagnosing anything he may or may not have. And trying to decide what the best course of action with his inputs, [and] his family’s input, as well.”

On quarterback reps and splitting up the reps…

“We do a little bit on that. We treat one guy as being the number one QB for that day. And really his greatest benefit is every time the number ones are up in 7-on-7 drills, which we have four different racks with the one unit, he gets every one of those. He also starts the first time the ones are in there, but we do begin to rotate after that. So he may get a couple team reps with the one unit, and he will get every single rep in 7-on-7s. So that is kind of how we roll.”

On freshman quarterback Cade Weldon…

“We are still installing, so he is not ready. But he is getting a lot of the threes, a lot of the threes. And we are working our three units a lot.”

On sophomore wide receiver Dionte Mullins

“Today in particular, and it was a very hot day by the way, I saw him push past the first rep of the drill, and having juice, and the second rep not so much and third rep he looked tired. I know that [wide receivers] coach [Ron] Dugans has been onto him about that. And we have all been talking to everybody about that. You have to be able to play the second, the third play, a fourth play if it’s a four-play rack. And I saw him really pushing and actually trying to enjoy the day. I love energy and I love enthusiasm, too, and he had both today.”

On if it helped that Mullins got some playing time last season…

“Well what I think has helped him the most is just being in the system for the amount of time he has been in the system. I mean, you talk about going full speed in terms of install and all of that. By the time he got here, we were really rolling and he just was behind. It was hard for him to run a route with precision, when you’re still not even sure what my route is, what’s the signal, what’s the code name. Now he is much more comfortable and I see him playing a lot faster.”

That’s what CMR had to say. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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