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Miami Hurricanes Football: Mark Richt transcript 4/18

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Here’s what Mark Richt had to say after practice on Tuesday.

Miami v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

The Miami Hurricanes held practice again on Tuesday morning. After practice, Head Coach Mark Richt addressed the media. Here is a transcript of his comments:

On rising junior running back Mark Walton

“He’s just a competitor. He wants to play. It’s alright. We know what he can do. I’m not saying we won’t give him a few totes here in the game. We have to figure out can everybody pass protect? Can everybody function? I’ve got so many quarterbacks taking reps still. We have to learn a lot more about that than running the ball.”

On if he likes the competitive spirit displayed by Walton in practice…

“Oh yeah. We all know Mark. It’s a given that he loves football. He wants to play. He’d carry it 50 times if you’d let him…some guys are like, ‘Hey, 15 to 20 [carries] is enough for me, coach. I’m making business decisions.’ This kid just loves football. He loves trying to help us win.”

On if Walton’s workload this spring has been diminished due to running back depth or quarterbacks…

“Mostly wanted to see the quarterbacks in the scrimmages. We’ll do all of our run game all week long, but we do it in a ‘thud’ format. In live football you can block below the waist, but a lot of times guys tackle below the waste too. You might have a guy running out in space, and a safety decides he doesn’t want to take him on and he tries to torpedo the guy’s legs out from under him, which is legal. We’re just trying to keep those things from happening. I got no question in my mind what Mark is capable of doing and will do given the opportunity.”

On the format of the upcoming scrimmage…

“We’re going to go orange and white. We will have some guys on offense in orange and some guys on defense in orange, and vice versa. It’s going to look like a game, but it’ll mostly be all ones [first string] versus ones and twos [second string] versus twos. They’ll just be having different color jerseys on them. It’ll play like a game, because if it’s a three-and-out, it’ll be a three-and-out.”

On how he plans to distribute the quarterback reps for Saturday’s scrimmage…

“If I knew, I still wouldn’t tell you, because we haven’t told the quarterbacks yet. We usually tell them Friday – the day before – what the rotation is and let them know what’s up.”

On how the scrimmage came to be at Boca Raton High School…

“You all know why it’s Boca High. That was good. You gave me a softball. It’s my alma mater, and they do have a nice facility. I went to Boca High, class of 1977. I’m excited about going over there. If Hard Rock [Stadium] was ready for us to play the game, we’d play there. We’d probably have TV there and all that kind of thing. Knowing we couldn’t do that, I didn’t want to go back to where we were. I felt like, let’s have a small venue, let’s make it kind of a homecoming of sorts for me, to tell the people in Boca I love them kind of deal. Hopefully we’ll have a good day.”

On the last time he was at Boca High…

“Just standing physically on the campus, it’s been a while. When I was at Florida State, I recruited Boca Raton…there was a player or two we were going after. I’m not sure at Georgia we ever got to the point where the head coach was pursuing a guy [at Boca Raton], so it’s been that long. Now wherever I was in Boca, I would always go to Jerry’s Pizzeria and Fran’s Chicken Haven. I don’t even know if Jerry’s is still open, but I hope Fran’s is, because I do hope to go back for some fried chicken.”

On graduated offensive lineman Danny Isidora, who is preparing for the NFL Draft

“I think he’s very capable. I’ve seen guys over the years that have made it in the league and guys that haven’t. He has plenty a skillset – he’s smart, he’s tough. Somebody is going to like him. I don’t know what round he’s going to go in. But he’ll get in camp, he’ll know what to do, he’ll be able to do it and he’ll fight his tail off. I’m pretty confident he’s going to make a club, or at worse, a practice squad, if he doesn’t make the normal 53-man roster.”

On the return of redshirt freshman Jack Allison to practice Tuesday…

“He did better than I thought he would. I didn’t know how long he’d last. But we felt like if he had enough juice in his arm, we’d let him throw to receivers, which he did. He threw a drill we call, ‘two-on-two,’ which is almost all of the bubble screens we throw. It’s not a far throw. He was in a competitive drill. Not contact drill, but a competitive drill to get the ball to the receiver quick and let him do his thing. I can’t remember if he took any seven-on-seven reps or not, but he threw pretty good.”

On if Allison will play in Saturday’s final scrimmage…

“I think he will. That’s my best guess. If he can throw the ball with enough juice on it, like we know he can, then he will. If he’s less than himself throwing the ball, we won’t let him throw it.”

That’s it for today.

Go Canes