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Recruiting Radar: DL targets for Storm18

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As it stands today Miami has one commit on the defensive line for the 2018 class. That is American Heritage DT Nesta Silvera. He is a 308 pound bull on the inside and Coach Craig Kuligowski seems very excited about his potential.

Lets look at a few more targets...

Jamarcus Chatman- The 6-3 260 lb DE seems like he will be next to pop. He was on campus last weekend and by all accounts loves everything Miami had to offer. It was even said that he wanted to commit but he set a date to commit after his high school Spring game and wanted to stick to it. His mom has also signed off on his decision and this seems to be only a matter of time.

Dennis Briggs Jr. is another target that was on campus this week. Briggs the 6-4 255 lb. DE out of Kissimmee visited Miami for their Tueday practice. Briggs said that the visit moved Miami up on his list but he does not have a clear favorite. He said that Florida State, Tennessee, Oregon, Mississippi, Ohio State, Louisville, and South Carolina are still in it. There is no real time table on a decision. I trust that our coaching staff will stay on top of this and he will ultimately end up in our class.

Andrew Chatfield out of American Heritage seems to be a fan favorite to get an offer. Right now he does not have one but he was on campus last week on an unofficial visit. The staff will use the eval period after Spring to get a feel for if they think he is a fit in this class. I feel that he is a bit of a tweener and will be left out but things could change with class attrition or with the player in general. I got a chance to see him at the Miami regional Opening and he was impressive in that setting.

Jordan Davis a 6-6 300 lb DT out of North Carolina holds a Miami offer and it felt like Miami had some momentum with him in January but I have not heard much since then. He visited North Carolina in March and has not been on Miami’s campus, to my knowledge, since the offer. As always follow the visits and see how this one plays out.

Those are just a few targets and it’ shard to say how many defensive lineman we will take in this class. I’m sure more names will pop up and Coach Kool is the best in the business so I, for one am not worried at all...