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Recruiting Radar: What is next at WR?

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Miami looks to add more talent to the WR group in Storm18

NCAA Football: Florida State at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

2 Weeks ago I wrote a piece talking about the ratio between TEs and WR for Storm18 and named the 2 TEs I wanted. Well, 2 weeks later and we got our top 2 targets. While I think the staff will take their time and really evaluate that 4th WR position I woold like to look at some potetnial targets.

Elijah Moore- Moore is a fan favorite because of Camp performances and Gifs that have made it onto the Twitter TL. The thing with Moore is that we have not seen it with pads on in a game sitution. He will hgave plenty of opportunity this season and Canes coaches will be there to see.

Anthony Schwartz- In recent ESPN rankings that were released Schwartz was ranked as a top WR in the country. I have seen mock classes with Schwartz in it. I think he is a speedster and will eventually be running track in Gainesville in college.

Kevin Austin- Austin is another name that you have heard mentioned as a Miami target. I love his game and would love to see him in the class. It has been said that Austin holds academics very high in his recruitment. You hear a lot of buzz about Duke and Notre Dame around him.

Warren Thompson- For my money no one in the class has more upside to be a dominant WR in this class. If you recall Thompson committted to Miami for about 5 minutes sometime last year, May if memory serves correct. I think we are on the outside looking in here but we are killing the trail right now so I will not put anything past this staff.

Xavier Williams- A Bama commit but has spent a lot of time around Miami recently. He was trying to grab Josh Jobe for the Tide before Jobe ultimately shut down his recruitment last Thursday. Miami has had some success recruiting against Bama in the past. I do not know if a flip will happen but it worth keeping an eye on.

There will be other names that pop up. The Spring evals have started and Miami coaches will be on the road. I wrote Brevin Jordan and Will Mallory into the class lets see if I can do it again.