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N’Kosi Perry: Ready or not, here he comes.

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Perry looking to cement himself as a starter.

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On most Fridays around 3:00 pm most high school students have left school, looking forward to getting a jump on their weekend. However, if you happen to visit Ocala Vanguard High School you will find one student who has chosen to skip the normal weekend downtime routines that are customary for many 17 and 18-year-old kids.

In anticipation of his arrival to Miami in May, N’Kosi Perry has skipped the simplistic life of video games, Snapchat, malls and any other high school luxuries that occupy a teenager’s life on a Friday afternoon. Instead, he has opted to partake in quarterback drills that includes drops, roll-outs, sprint-outs, naked boots, and dashes while embracing the Florida heat. When he finishes, he will go to the weight room and work on getting stronger and bigger for his anticipated arrival.

This is not the ordinary life of an 18-year-old, but there is nothing ordinary about N’Kosi, after all, how many teenagers get to work out with a former Heisman trophy winner and current starter for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. His high school career is no hype. His exemplary feats are cemented in history as evident by breaking Daunte Culpepper’s single season touchdown record.

In that junior season, Perry threw for 2,532 yards and 33 touchdowns for the Knights who reached the regional finals for the first time since 2010. He also ran for 287 yards and 11 rushing touchdowns. He continued his prowess during his senior season passing for 1,778 yards and 24 touchdowns. Up next is his May 22nd arrival as he looks to unseat current Miami quarterbacks Malik Rosier and Evan Shirreffs, neither of whom separated themselves as the clear-cut starter heading into the fall.

Many Hurricane fans can’t wait for his arrival and have already anointed him as the starter heading into the season. His high school coach, Edwin Farmer, agrees. “Will he be ready? I think he’s definitely going to be ready, there’s no question about that,” Farmer said. “He’s a kid that can play, is a leader. He’s a kid that you’ll find out he has a lot of skills at that quarterback position. He can do the RPO’s (run-pass option), his decision making is outstanding. He knows how to read a defense. He throws the ball, is so relaxed. It’s something that I can describe as it’s like it’s something he’s been doing all his life, like learning to walk.”

Coach Mark Richt believes he has a stud heading to campus and he can’t wait to work with him. This is the reason he has refused to name a starter after spring practice and constantly reiterated that whoever is playing quarterback for Miami must compete with Perry in the fall. In a recent interview, Richt summed up his observation of Perry by simply saying “this kid can sling it”.

“You couldn’t ask for anything better from a player,” Perry’s high school coach Farmer said. “He’s a great team leader, he’s always been one of those kids who’s a worker and the other players just buy right into it. He has always been like that, ever since coming in here as a ninth-grader. And now he’s that leader at work.” Miami and its fans hope to get that leader this summer and heading into the fall.

Can Perry become the unquestioned starter and leader for the Miami Hurricanes? That question will only be answered between the lines on the Greentree practice field. One thing I can tell you is this kid refuses to wait until he steps on the Greentree. Per his coach, he is now weighing in at 200 lbs. and can bench press 275 lbs.

I wonder how the conversation between him and Jameis Winston is going as they go through NFL combine drills. I believe it's going a little something like this. “Jameis, I really appreciate you helping me out and I look forward to more workouts, but come September I need you to know, that streak is going to end.”

Ready or not N’Kosi is coming.