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Miami Hurricanes Football: 5 predictions for 5 years

A look into the future for the Canes has a familiar feeling from my vantage point

Miami v Notre Dame
What does the future hold for Mark Richt’s Hurricanes? Find out here.
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In sports, one of the most used phrases is “next year”. For the Miami Hurricanes, the look to “next year” has been, well, a long one.

But today, friends, I’m going to not look to next year, but the next FIVE years for the Miami Hurricanes. Here are my 5 predictions on what is going to happen:

Prediction 1: Miami will win the ACC Coastal Division MULTIPLE TIMES

Yes, I’m starting here. We all know the facts. Miami Joined the ACC in 2004. 13 years ago.

Miami has never won the ACC Coastal Division. Not once. In 13 years.

Yeah, there was that one year when Miami would have held the tiebreaker over Georgia Tech and North Carolina (ineligible for ACCCG bc of sanctions)....but the Canes self-imposed a postseason ban. And, that was at 5-3 in the league, so, not exactly stellar.

We all know that through the lost decade of Larry Coker (post Butch Davis players), Randy Shannon, and Al Golden, the Canes haven’t really been a household name because of wins.

But that’s going to change.

With Mark Richt in charge, and the roster finally returning to the quality and depth that is to be expected of the Miami Hurricanes, the boys in Orange and Green will win MULTIPLE ACC Coastal Championships.

Book it.

Prediction 2: Miami will win the ACC Championship game

This is along the same lines as the previous prediction, but to get to the ACC Championship Game, you have to win the ACC Coastal.

Now that Miami will do that (see: prediction 1), the next step is clear: winning the ACC Championship game.

With the ACC Atlantic Division having some top teams — Clemson, Louisville....and Florida State — this will be no easy task. I mean, It’s been THIRTEEN YEARS and Miami hasn’t ever even BEEN TO the ACC Championship Game. And, on top of that, there’s been a substantial amount of losing — epic losing, too (ahem CLEMSON ahem).

But, just like prediction 1, that’s going to change.

Miami is going to get to multiple ACC Championship Games (by virtue of winning multiple ACC Coastal Division Championships from prediction 1, DUH). And, when they get there, Miami is going to win the ACC Championship Game.

Prediction 3: Miami will have 7 or more 1st round NFL draft picks

Like the other predictions, this one is over the course of 5 years, so relax your mind a bit.

In the past 3 years, Miami has had 4 first round NFL draft picks (Ereck Flowers, Phillip Dorsett, Artie Burns, and David Njoku, for those keeping score at home). So, it stands to reason that this trend will continue.

Miami has always produced tons of NFL talent, even in the lean years with coaches that, while well-meaning, weren’t Miami caliber. Now, with an increased level of talent on the roster, and a coaching staff that has a strong record developing talent, Miami will continue to be among the top of the NFL draft.

You may be wondering: “Well, who are the 1st round picks gonna be, CAM!?!?”

Here are a couple: DT RJ McIntosh. WR Ahmmon Richards. LB Zach McCloud. DE Joseph Jackson. And there’s more where that came from. So, #StayTuned, but book it that Miami will have 7+ 1st rounders in the next 5 years. Easy money. You’re welcome.

Prediction 4: Defensive Coordinator Manny Diaz will leave for a new job

This is a tough one for me, but I can see it coming. Manny Diaz, who is GREAT at his job, and got absolutely disrespected by not being a finalist for the Broyles Award (top CFB Assistant) last year, is going to get looks from other teams. And, I think one of those looks will be enough to get him to leave the U.

Diaz has had a mostly-strong career as a Defensive Coordinator, and the work he’s already done to revamp and revive Miami’s defense is outstanding. Taking the shell of ...whatever that was that Al Golden and Mark D’Onofrio ran out there on defense and turning them into the fast, strong, dominant group that was seen in 2016 speaks to Diaz’s expertise and ability as a coach.

With Miami having a bigger pool of money with which to pay their assistants — something Mark Richt insisted on before agreeing to come back to his Alma Mater as head coach — Diaz is probably making good money right now. So, to me, that means that it’s going to take a specific set of circumstances to pry Diaz away from Coral Gables.

  • A head coaching job. I don’t think that Diaz would leave Miami for a lateral move. If he leaves, as I’m predicting he will, it’ll be to run his own team.
  • A major raise. Miami is a private school, so we don’t have coaching contract $ information, but I don’t think Diaz would leave for the same money as he’s currently making. But, if Diaz gets a head coaching job, then the raise element fits.
  • A job with potential. No disrespect, but Manny Diaz won’t be leaving Coral Gables to take job at East Montana State. It might not be a super-premium, top tier P5 job out of the gate, but Diaz will get a job that would allow for upward mobility, not just 3 years, 22 losses, and a return to the ranks of Defensive Coordinator.

Prediction 5: Miami will win their 6th National Championship.

You read that sentence.

I said what I said.

Ring 6 on the way.

BONUS prediction: Miami will beat Florida State 3 times in the next 5 years.

Yeah yeah yeah. I know. 7 in a row. blah blah blah.

I said what I said.

Fight me.

Which predictions do you agree with? Which do you hate?

Vote in the poll and comment away.



Which Prediction do you think is MOST likely to happen (because, face it, they’re all happening)?

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  • 26%
    Prediction 1: Miami wins the ACC Coastal Division multiple times
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  • 11%
    Prediction 2: Miami wins the ACC Championship Game
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  • 9%
    Prediction 3: Miami will have 7+ 1st round NFL Draft Picks
    (284 votes)
  • 9%
    Prediction 4: Manny Diaz will leave Miami for a new job
    (268 votes)
  • 28%
    Prediction 5: Miami will win a National Championship
    (815 votes)
  • 12%
    Bonus prediction: Miami beats FSU 3 out of the next 5
    (365 votes)
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    OTHER - Leave in comments
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