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The Offseason Top 10: Awesome Names

It’s the offseason, it’s boring. Let’s make a random top 10 list.

NCAA Football: Miami at Pittsburgh
Standish Dobard is in the top 5 of the Name List.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

As the offseason grinds on ever so slowly, as a writer, it can be hard to find topics that inspire you. For my weekly piece I’ve decided to do a top 10 on random Canes topics. In this week’s installment I’m going with: Awesome Names.

The way I did this was by using’s recruiting rankings from the last 10 yards (2006 to 2017). To be honest, it was an extremely hard list to breakdown and pick a top 10 once all the nominee’s were selected.

Here are the honorable mentions (based on the year they signed with Miami):

Javarris James - 2006

Demarcus VanDyke - 2007

Adewale Ojomo - 2007

Jake Wieclaw - 2008

Vaughn Telemaque - 2008

Zach Kane - 2008

Prince Kent - 2009

Olivier Vernon - 2009

Storm Johnson - 2010

Tavadis Glenn - 2010

Tyrone Cornelius - 2010

Herb Waters - 2012

Dequan Ivery - 2012

Cornelius "Corn" Elder - 2013

Beau Sandland - 2013

Sonny Odogwu - 2013

Hunter Knighton – 2013

Like I said, there were lots of great names on the Honorable Mentions. It was hard to choose who to keep out of the top 10 but the slicing and dicing had to be done. Without further ado, let’s get to the top 10.

10) Tyree St Louis – 2015: When I say his name, many times I go with the pronunciation of “Tai-ree Saint Lou-eee” just because it sounds like I’m more refined. Saying “Saint Louis” is just so…. Boring.

9) Bar Milo – 2015: His name kind of sounds like a club I’d go to in downtown Miami. “Hey NoVA, where you going tonight?” “Man, I’m going to Bar Milo, meet you there!”

8) Waynmon Steed – 2017: When reading Steed’s name in full I think of a mythical creature in the middle ages.

7) Deejay Dallas – 2017: You know who tonight’s entertainment is at Bar Milo? Deejay Dallas.

6) Gray Crow – 2012: You thought all Crow’s were black in color? Meet the new breed: Gray Crow.

We’re in the top 5 now. It’s really tough to distinguish 1-5 apart but someone had to do it. Here we go:

5) Sheldrick Redwine – 2015: Is that a Merlot? Chardonnay? No, it’s a Sheldrick Redwine.

4) Thurston Armbrister – 2011: Honestly, I got nothing for this name. It’s just awesome.

3) Standish Dobard – 2013: The Standish Dobard is a strong, sturdy tree that pushes away would-be defenders who try to get near his other tree friends. Don’t go near him or he’ll swat you away.

2) Orlando Gunn – 2007: Man, what a bad ass name. This would be my porn name if I was in that industry.. Now Starring: Orlando Gunn.

1) Kayne Farquharson – 2007: Everything about this name is awesome, period. The pronunciation is “Cane Fark-uh-sun” and nothing could be cooler about this name.

What do you guys think? Did I get the listing right? Move some people up or down the board? Any new people you’d add to this list? Put your opinions in the comments below!