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Coach Richt’s “Grad Transfer RB”: How Did We Get Here and How Concerned Should We Be?

NCAA Football: Florida Atlantic at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

So we were all just chilling last week and all of a sudden the tweet heard ‘round the world sent my Twitter TL into a frenzy.

How did we get here?

A few things happened to get us where the depth isn’t ideal going into the season opener. The first thing that happened we watched through the eyes of our Snapchat app, some did I just watched the Twitter TL reaction, when Anthony McFarland, a heavy Canes lead the entire cycle picked to stay home and attend Maryland. After that happened the Canes did decided not to reach on a plan B or C option and just take 1 RB. That RB was Robert Burns. When healthy Burns’ upside is off the charts. The problem is “when healthy” seems like it’s never.

The second thing that happened was Joe Yearby declaring for the NFL draft. That kind of came out of nowhere to a lot of people. Yearby ended up going undrafted and we can say he should’ve came back but I will not. He had his reasons and I respect that and wish him ultimate success. Then Gus Edwards transferred out. Which leaves more carried unclaimed.

The last thing came earlier this month when Tyshon Dye, the Clemson transfer that seemed to be leaning MIami, chose to play at East Carolina. I really think this shocked the staff. So here we are...

What do we have?

At RB1 we are returning Mark Walton who carried the ball 209 times for 1117 yards and 14 TDs. Not to mention his 240 yards receiving. That was as a true sophomore. I got a chance to see him in the Spring a few times and let me tell you that he is bigger, stronger and faster than he was the last time most saw him vs. West Virginia. This could be a money year for Walton. A lot of times running backs go pro when eligible to reach for that second NFL contract as soon as possible. That is just conjecture on my part so do not worry.

Behind him I rally like Travis Homer. For my money Homer is the best back out of the state of Florida in the last 2 cycles. He only carried the ball 7 times last season. Some think it was because of a fumble in the first game of the season. I dont know the reasons. He was asked to play special teams and he excelled there. That tells me when asked he will do anything. Travis is a special talent that can take the ball to the end zone every single time he touches it. He will be a fan favorite by the end of his sophomore season. In case you forgot what you have in him

Then you have Robert Burns as I mentioned before.

Other options will also emerge.

The bottom line is it will be hard to convince a grad transfer on his last chance to make an impact on NFL teams to come to Miami and fight for a RB3 spot. We will most likely have to roll with what we have, which is pretty damn good in my opinion.

And do not worry help is on its way