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Why I’m a Fan of the Miami Hurricanes: John Reynolds

I'm a true father’s son.

Miami v Florida State
2009 Miami @ FSU, why I'm a fan today, along with some other factors.
Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

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I’m a Miami Hurricanes fan because of my father, as an alumnus of The Miller School of Medicine, who was on campus for national championship seasons and games, my dad became a diehard Cane for life. As a result this transferred to his children, my brother and sister both started their lives as Hurricanes, eventually my sister becasme a Nole (ughhhh) and my brother an Orange (Syracuse for those of you not in the know). Here at 16 I fully hope to become a student at THE U and pursue a degree in meteorology, and become a professional pilot. However, if I have to put my finger on it, there's one game that sticks out in my mind as the reason I'm as big of a fan as I am today...

2009, Miami @ Florida State

A nationally televised game between two teams that appeared to be on a trajectory for the ACC title. Young Jacory Harris quarterbacked the Canes in only his third start, and the experienced Christian Ponder led the Noles. My family decided to make the drive up to Tallahassee to see the game and visit my sister (at the time a student at FSU) and I'll never forget taking the seats right near the top of the visiting fans section of Doak Campbell Stadium. Randy Shannon led a confident, if young, Miami team out of the small opening of the visitors tunnel, and the Band of the Hour played the fight song...

The Hurricanes got the ball, and on their first possession...


TRAVIS BENJAMIN straight down the middle for the touchdown, I still vaguely remember (I was only 8) going crazy after he went in, Benjamin held the ball above his head like he knew we had the game even then...

Miami v Florida State Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

After that FSU came back with a touchdown on the other end tying the game, things were tense At 7-7, by the second quarter the game had slowed down. Then Christian Ponder led the Noles to a FG drive. Handing FSU a 10-7 lead. The Hurricanes then drove down the field before halftime, culminating in a Javarris James cutback 5 yard touchdown. At 14-10 at half Randy Shannon and Miami felt good...

But after half things didn’t go to plan for Miami, a terrible third quarter marked by a Jacory Harris interception and FSU scoring the first 13 points of the half worried every Miami fan watching the game. Could such a young team respond?

They could, for the first time in a long time Miami dominated the fourth quarter, outscoring FSU 21-11. After Miami tied the game up at 24, they got the ball looking to drive to take the lead, but FSU cornerback Greg Reid had other ideas, smacking Jacory, causing Harris to chuck a lollipop that turned into a pick six, giving FSU a 31-24 lead. The worst part was, Jacory was down, the heismann victory guaranteeing, loud, funny, leader was on the ground, writhing in pain, as were the hopes of every Cane in attendance. On the next drive however #12 came jogging out on the field, and by the end of the drive he chucked a 24 yard pass to Graig Cooper to tie the game at 31.

Then, crunch time, FSU managed another field goal drive, and with 4:11 left took a 34-31 lead. The Hurricanes took the field needing a clutch drive to win. The first few downs were short gains, small throws, but then Jacory Harris threw one of the greatest passes I've ever seen in my life straight into Travis Benjamin’s arms at the 3, a few plays later Graig Cooper busted into the end zone to give Miami a 38-34 lead...

Miami v Florida State Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

The Hurricanes left FSU with some time however, and a bizzare decision by Randy Shannon to kick it short gave FSU the ball at the 40. Christian Ponder led the Noles to a first down at the Hurricanes 2 yard line. It came down to 3 downs, 3 passes, two plays to Jarmon Forston, both incomplete. A pause, the entire Miami fan section sitting right at the corner of the end zone tense, one last play, a low throw...

It looked like a catch, it looked complete, the Miami fans went into a split-second moment of shock and disappointment, but a ref runs over, waves incomplete...


The ball had hit the ground! The stadium went silent except for one green and orange corner, and after a review the celebration ensued...

Miami v Florida State Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

I’ll never forget those moments, that game is why I'm such a dedicated fan today, but I would have never been there without my dad, and my family.

So thanks dad, there isn't another team I can imagine rooting for...

and of course...










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