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83 days to Miami Hurricanes Football: My Favorite Canes to wear No. 83

Sinorice Moss, Jim Burt, and Andre Brown wore #83 for the #Canes

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94th Running Of The Indianapolis 500 - Celebrities Attend Race Photo by Joey Foley/Getty Images

Jim Burt - Defensive Line

Jim Burt wore it first and did #83 proud but Miami had three major players wearing #83 over different decades. While Burt wore it the late 70’s and early 80’s, an era to built to the Decade of Dominance and was before the resurgence of 1998-2003, he wore it with Pro Bowl and Super Bowl Champion Pride. Jim Burt is often credited with creating the “Gatorade Shower” for coaches, which he did to Bill Parcells as a joke in 1984. Burt won Super Bowl XXI with the New York Giants and Super Bowl XXIV as a member of the San Francisco 49ers- beating the Denver Broncos for both Super Bowl rings. He played for New York from 1981-1988 and San Fran from 1989-1992. His son continued on the Hurricane family tradition by playing first base for the ‘Canes and won a National Title with the program in 2001. While Burt Jr grew up friends with Chris Simms, Burt Sr played high school football with Larry Pfohl aka Lex Luger of #Canes and Pro Wrestling fame.

Above- Jim Burt Sr. with future Cane Jim Burt Jr.
Above- Lex Luger aka Larry Pfohl

Sinorice Moss - Wide Receiver

Virginia Cavaliers v Miami Hurricanes Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

Sinorice is famous for two things- being the brother of Santana Moss and his game tying screen pass touchdown against Florida State. Lil Moss finished his #Canes career with 1100 yards and 9 TDs off 16.3 yards / catch. His NFL career was a bust as a 2nd round pick (not his fault, obviously) playing in only 37 games and collecting 421 receiving yards and 3 TDs.

Andre Brown - Wide Receiver

Andre Brown was an after thought with 5 career receptions before catching 47 passes for 746 yards and 8 TD’s in 1988. The ‘88 #Canes made Bill Connelly’s *50 Greatest Teams list and mostly because of guys like Brown. Andre stepped up to replace future NFL Hall of Famer Mike Irvin and rolled into South Bend undefeated. His ‘88 #Canes left asterisk toting losers in a 30-31 screw job called “Catholics vs Convicts.” Brown was an undrafted free agent for the Dolphins and played there from 1989-1990.

Above- Brown’s 4th down grab vs ND in 1988