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Miami Hurricanes Recruiting Radar: June 5th Mailbag

Just a little recruiting chat amongst friends.

All eyes are on 4-star QB commit Artur Sitkowski (IMG Academy)

Hey guys. It’d been a while since I did a recruiting Q&A so I decided to do one.

So, here we go.

Answer: I think the early signing period will be a good thing mostly. There are several guys who are all-in and can shut things down fully with a signature in December.

Additionally, with Miami being so far “ahead” in this class with 18 public commits (and chatter of a couple silent commits as well), the Canes won’t likely be looking to find class filler replacement players at the end of the cycle. Sure, spots might be open late, but it’s likely in my opinion that Miami will be moving on already-known targets to close those, instead of late-risers. That matters because Miami won’t be caught empty-handed due to players signing elsewhere early.

Yeah, it’s very, very early, but I see the early signing period as a win-win for Miami.

Answer: First up, be sure you’ve read the Class Breakdown (new installment coming next week).

As far as names: WR Kevin Austin (my #1 target), WR Terrace Marshall from Louisiana, and Alabama commit Xavier Williams (who several recruiting writers are adamant will NOT sign with Alabama) are where to start.

I’ve seen a couple guys ask me about Kansas commit 4-star Devonta Jason from Louisiana, and Miami has offered him. There could be other guys who pop up here, but guys like Elijah Moore from St. Thomas Aquinas and Anthony Schwartz from American Heritage are good, but likely will not be in this class for the Canes.

Answer: For the most part, solid.

But look, they’re kids, making the biggest decision of their young lives, and things change. So, while I’m confident most everybody who is currently committed will be in this class, some may not. And that happens. And it’s okay. We’ll talk more about that later.

Answer: Lock: Al Blades Jr.

Another legacy in 2018 would be RB Chris Curry (Najeh Davenport’s cousin). He’s a known commodity in the recruiting world, but would a 3rd RB really come in behind Lingard and Davis?

As far as legacies whose talents have yet to be revealed, I think that after Jeff James and Ray Lewis III and AJ F*CKING HIGHSMITH we should look elsewhere than reach for a player just because a family member of his once starred at Miami.

Answer: DT: Dennis Briggs Jr.

DE: Kayode Oladele

Answer: You’re wild disrespectful, fam. Both OL commits — Cleveland Reed and Delone Scaife — are very good and have been drawing rave reviews in the Spring. So, calm that down.

Now, when will Miami get some Tackles in this class? That is yet to be seen. I think that unless John Campbell commits to Miami soon, it may be a while. But that’s okay. As long as the Canes win games this season (9-10+), recruiting will continue to be strong. And, after the haul from last year on the OL, I’m trusting Stacy Searels to do his job and get the players Miami needs to continue to build the OL.

Answer: Zero until he visits.

Answer: You mean, other than 5-star RB Lorenzo Lingard? Or does he not count since he’s in-state?

If you mean Out-of-State only, then I’m leaning DE Micah Parsons. I mean, it’s a long way from certain or even possible, but looking at the 5-stars that are available, he’s the one that I look at as Miami having the best shot with.

Answer: These are all similar questions, so I put them together.

I find it hard to believe that if N’Kosi Perry is as wildly successful as we all hope that he will be that Artur Sitkowski would stick. It’s just hard to get kids to come in and sit behind a player they may not ever beat out for the QB job.

It’s possible (Clemson has gotten a string of highly rated QBs to come to campus in the last couple years; Georgia got Jake Fromm to come in behind Jacob Eason this last cycle) but it tough to do. I hope Sitkowski sticks, because the otherwise-available talent isn’t the greatest.

About Silvera, he’s very close to recent OSU commit Andrew Chatfield. The 2 are HS teammates and their friendship is strong. That is the basis of the talk that Silvera may flip to OSU. Urban Meyer and Co. are putting a full court press on Chatfield, Silevera, and CB Tyson Campbell. Obviously, they got 1 commit from that trio, and look to add more. Miami will have a fight on their hands here, but that’s part of the recruiting game.

As far as who could drop, the answer is anybody. That’s just the way recruiting works, and if you understand that, you’ve made a big step forward. BUT, if I had to pick a name, I would have to lean towards either Sitkowski or Silvera for the reasons I just discussed.

Answer: No, I don’t think the class will be full by Paradise Camp in July because silent commits won’t have gone public, and further roster attrition (likely to come after the 2017 season) will be unknown.

And, even if the class is “full” by Paradise, Miami wouldn’t shy away from trading up for better talent. Every big-time P5 school will drop a medium tier prospect for an upper-tier one in most cases. So, if there’s elite talent at Paradise Camp (SPOILER ALERT: there will be), and that talent wants to come to Miami and commit, the Canes will find a way to make it work. But, that’s like 3 hypotheticals stacked on top of each other, so we’ll have to wait and see it play out.

Answer: My preference for the 8 guys to fill out this class are as follows:

  1. CB Tyson Campbell
  2. DE Micah Parsons
  3. OT John Campbell
  4. WR Kevin Austin
  5. LB David Reese
  6. S Jamien Sherwood
  7. CB Al Blades Jr. (who I think will be a S in college)
  8. DT to be determined

That’s it for today’s mailbag. Hop in the comments and keep the conversation going.

Go Canes