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Miami Hurricanes Football: Could DeeJay Dallas fit at RB?

Evaluating a scenario Mark Richt hinted at during ACC Kickoff

ATH DeeJay Dallas played all over the field in HS.

Much has been made of the lack of depth at RB for the Miami Hurricanes. With only 4 scholarship backs (Mark Walton, Travis Homer, Trayone Gray, and Robert Burns), and 2 of them recovering from injuries (Gray and Burns), there is frighteningly little depth at a key position for the Canes.

During a chat with 3 local beat writers, Head Coach Mark Richt hinted that the solution to that problem may already be on the roster.

A 4-star athlete from Brunswick, GA, DeeJay Dallas played all over the field in HS. When he enrolled at Miami in January, the staff decided to put Dallas at WR and work him exclusively there. The hope, according to multiple reports, was that Dallas would be able to stick at WR, and not bounce around from position to position.

But, with no prospects for adding a Grad Transfer at RB, it appears that CMR is at least considering making a move and switching Dallas to RB.

As previously stated, Dallas played all over the field in HS. He played QB, RB, WR, and DB as well. From his primary position, QB, Dallas threw the ball some, sure, but the main part of his game was running the ball to great success. As you can see in the video below, Dallas used a combination of vision, balance, strength, and speed to make plays in the run game. (watch how he runs the read-option and inverted veer. It’s good)

Dallas is more quick than he is fast, but he showed a good feel for running the ball in HS. Yes, he was more athletically gifted than many of the players he went up against, so the easy thing was to find the sideline and turn on the jets. But, on several plays, you can see that he ran the ball inside, which is something he would most assuredly have to do should he be moved to RB at the collegiate level.

In my mind, Dallas fits at RB. He could be a rotation player in the RB3 role and obviously able to catch the ball out of the backfield. And, with more than 2000 yards rushing in HS, he has demonstrated success running the ball.

In a perfect world, Miami would be able to add a grad transfer RB or some other depth player to the position and leave Dallas to continue to build on his skills at WR. He made several highlight reel catches during spring and drew rave reviews for his play and development.

But, it seems that this CFB utopia for Miami is little more than a hoped for figment of my imagination, and Dallas will need to play RB in some capacity. It’s possible that he could swing between RB and WR, but for a true freshman in the ACC, that’s asking a lot.

Based on his HS career and the physical attributes he possesses, I think DeeJay Dallas could fit at RB. I just hope he isn’t needed there....but accept the fact that he most likely will be.

Go Canes