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X&O Preview: Syracuse Orange @ Miami Hurricanes 10/21

Syracuse comes back to Miami

NCAA Football: Florida State at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

As a preface, I wrote about Syracuse on SOTU here, just to let you know why I skip a little of the usual backstory. I’m excited to see Babers’ offense with Eric Dungey roll into Miami and try to take their shot at the #Canes. I loved the Miami/Cuse games back in the 90’s and am glad they’re back, even if for just a year here or there.


Syracuse has come out firing under Dino Babers and scored a lot of points while only finishing 4-8. The Orange run a modern offense with power, zone and RPO compliments. They use Dungey how they should, as the mobile QB that he is that can make plays on the ground.

I love a good trick play, and below it’s a HB pass off a shotgun toss:

Below, a pick 6 from Dungey from that 20 TD game against Pitt to end 2016

Below- tunnel RPO in the quick game and it looks like power in the run game but it was hard to see on the highlight clip.

Below- you can see what mobile QB’s can do to a defense (N’Kosi Perry?)


Syracuse runs an even front most of the time and a Tampa 2 scheme. That means big corners that can tackle, safeties that can cover deep, an athletic mike linebacker, and a 3-tech that can get double teamed and defeat the double. The Orange aren’t good but they’re improving.

James Conner ran for 160 yards and 3 TD’s on Syracuse after being all but shutdown against the ‘Canes. Walton should be able to go off against the Orange’s over aggressive defense that lacks the depth and talent of Miami.

Below- Conner scores on a nice zone stretch play.

Below- you can see Nathan Peterman of all people scramble stretch and score a TD on the ground. Nate ran for 200 yards but man, he doesn’t move fast. If Peterman can score on ‘Cuse can’t Perry? Or Rosier or whomever...