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Miami Hurricanes Football: Post-practice interviews 8/18

See Mark Richt’s furious remarks after practice (and other things) here

Head Coach Mark Richt was PIIIIISED after practice today

If you didn’t read Stefan Adams’ recap from today’s practice, stop what you’re doing and do that now. Really great stuff.

Now that you’ve read about CMR’s post-practice anger, see it for yourself, along with other videos. Here goes:

Head Coach Mark Richt

(the first part of Richt’s rant can be found in this piece by Matt Porter of The Palm Beach Post)

Offensive Linemen Tyler Gauthier and Kc McDermott

Defensive Tackle RJ McIntosh

That’s it for today. I sincerely hope the team heeds Richt’s words from today and gets their asses in gear for tomorrow’s scrimmage and the rest of camp and the season.

Go Canes