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ACC Football Pre-Season Primer

All the places to find ACC stuff around the web

NCAA Football: ACC Football Kickoff Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The ACC is the forgotten Power 5 Conference in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to football. I guess the Big 12 is really forgotten considering Texas got the Longhorn Network and the rest of the Big 12 didn’t get anything to show for it. But, the SEC has their Network, same for the Pac-12 (which I enjoyed in my 12 months in Oregon) and there’s the 10 year anniversary of the Big Ten Network as well. Where does that leave the ACC? To an internet-only network called ACC Network that’s on Watch ESPN. There’s the ACC Digital Network which has highlights and really cool content by Wes Ford (below). But don’t fear, there is ACC material floating around out there for us to digest.


You have the ACC Digital Network. If you read my X’s&O’s work here on SOTU it’s a great reference point for obtaining highlights around the league. It also serves to learn about the top players around the league. It’s not SB Nation but it’s where I create my GIF’s from and I’m SOTU/SB Nation so dig it.

ACC Digital Network YouTube Link

Again, you can check out Wes Ford as well. Wes will be covering food and football.

The also has a video page on its website- that you can access- here

You always have whatever Dan Rubenstein is up to on a weekly basis as well.


Do you like podcasts? The ACC has been featured on a few national podcasts such as the Shutdown Fullcast which covered the ACC Coastal, Athlon Sports had an ACC preview episode, Phil Steele covered the ACC Coastal, the ACC has a weekly podcast as well, and 247/CBS had an ACC preview, too (the podcasts with ACC Coastal episodes also had Atlantic episodes but since this is SOTU I only linked the Coastal editions).

The Solid Verbal preview of the ACC has just gone up as well, click here or:

And our leader, Cam Underwood, had a cameo (pun.) on the Basketball Conference Podcast.


Here are some other random items that cover the ACC at times:

There’s the College Football Reddit page, too: click here