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Clinic Talk: Bethune Cookman at Miami Hurricanes 9/2

FCS cupcake BCU travels to Miami to get slapped around on opening weekend

NCAA Football: ACC Kickoff Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Bethune Cookman rolls into Miami as a huge underdog and will likely be destroyed by the ‘Canes before the first half is done. Even if Miami alternates QB’s there’s no telling what the Hurricanes’ defense led by Manny Diaz will do to the Wildcats. In 2016, BCU beat FAMU in The Classic 39-19. S&P+ doesn’t rank FCS teams but Miami enters at #18 in Bill C’s rankings. BCU and FAMU are both horrible and Miami should destroy whichever one of the two in-state FCS HBCU’s it chooses to pay-for-play that year.


I’ve never understood why teams with 10th tier talent don’t run a less common offense but BCU brought in Alabama State Assistant Head Coach Allen Suber. Suber ran 11 personnel type offense at ASU with zone blocking as his base. Expect inside zone and a lot of sprint out passing game per their spring game in 2016.

Below, this is a “doubles set” from 11 personnel.

Below- this is a trips set from 11 personnel, with the TE opposite the trips.

FCS football can really vary between being a team that upsets Michigan in 2007, puts out endless NFL talent, or a program with some of the worst football you’ve ever seen.


The BCU Defensive Coordinator, Charles Jones, has 30+ years of college or pro coaching experience and this is his 8th year at BCU. What you saw in 2015 won’t change much for the Wildcats.

Below: BCU seems to be in a 4-2-5 vs Miami’s 11 personnel offensive set

Below- here’s a 5-1 type set against Miami’s 11 personnel

The better question is why didn’t Miami check to a run on 1st and 10 against a 6 man box with 1 linebacker? Man the ‘15 Canes were poorly coached.

Here’s BCU playing what I call a strong front (75315) against Miami’s 12 personnel set.

There isn’t a ton I can say about BCU and what they have to offer against Miami but football is Jimmy’s and Joe’s vs X’s and O’s to a certain point.