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Clinic Talk: The Toledo Rockets Film Preview

Toledo threw for 458 yards and ran for 221 more against Tulsa

NCAA Football: Toledo at Brigham Young Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

A week ago, the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes gave up 54 points, 458 passing yards and 221 rushing yards to the Toledo Rockets. Toledo was trailing 28-7 in the second quarter and roared back relying on Quarterback Logan Woodside and his astronomical 13.9 yards per pass attempt.

Miami has had two weeks off following Hurricane Irma and the destruction it left in its wake. The Hurricanes are practicing at Disney’s Wide World of Sports and preparing to play after the layoff can be difficult. Toledo has climbed the S&P+ from 59th at pre-season to 47th. The ‘Canes are sitting at 15 after two weeks off. What can Miami expect from Toledo’s offense?

Rockets’ Offense

The Rockets have just about every type of offensive player on their roster. They have Fullbacks, Tight Ends, and a ton of Wide Receivers. I haven’t seen a ton of true Tight End hand down sets but I have seen them used as wings off the side of the Offensive Tackle.

Empty Set - Pass Combinations

In play 1, the Rockets us an empty set, which means no running backs and 5 receivers. The QB is susceptible to pressure and the Miami front 4 will have to get pressure on Woodside or he can obviously pick a defense apart. Speed rushers like Trent Harris and Scott Patchan should be the key to getting after the Quarterback.

10 personnel - Hitches

The Rockets also use 10 personnel (one running back and four receivers). On the bottom of the screen the two receivers run hitches. The Quarterback has poor eye discipline. He stares down his receiver and the will linebacker runs the curl to flat. This is usually Michael Pinckney’s job to be able to play the run inside but also the pass in the boundary.

Pinckney or Owens will have to be in great shape against all of the multiple receiver sets and passing plays the Rockets will use to pick on that Will Linebacker position.

20 Personnel - Inside Zone Read with Arc Blocking

The Rockets will bring in those “Tight Ends” that they use more as H-Backs (wings, in the backfield). Here they use him as a lead blocker for the Quarterback on an inside zone read play. If the overhang linebacker, who is the read for the QB, squeezes down and plays the run hard, the QB will pull and can follow behind the H-Back.

Offensive Coordinators started using the arc blocker because Defensive Coordinators began using “scrape exchange” or having their Defensive End show a pull read by squeezing after the running back on purpose, while the linebacker to that side then plays outside. They exchange gaps (hence the exchange) and it happens while playing the run. When linebackers read the run and attack it they call their footwork “scraping” hence scrape exchange. See more on scrape exchange below:

I think the Hurricanes can shut down the Toledo passing attack with their excellent pass rushers and can shut down the running game between the NFL caliber Defensive Tackles and the sophomore trio of Linebackers who will be rusty but too athletic for The Rockets.