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Miami Holds at 14th in AP Poll, Moves to 13th in Coaches Poll

UM’s rankings didn’t change much after returning to football.

Toledo v Miami Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

On Sunday the University of Miami Hurricanes held steady at 14th in the AP Poll and moved to 13th in the Coaches Poll.

While many thought Miami had a chance to move up after several teams ranked above them lost, they were instead jumped by the teams that beat higher ranked teams.

Personally I’m ok with this, Miami handled business at home against an unranked opponent, and I’m ok with flying somewhat under the radar for now. This team has suffered some inconsistencies, and keeping the pressure off as far as polls go is perfectly fine to me right now.

In other news elsewhere in the polls, FSU held on to 25th in the coaches poll, but dropped out of the AP Poll for the first time since 2011, leaving a primetime ABC slot for the October 7th game against the Hurricanes in doubt.

Clemson, Virginia Tech, and Louisville were the only other teams in the ACC ranked in the AP Poll, coming in at 2nd, 12th, and 17th respectively. In the Coaches Poll CU, VT, and UL were again ranked, at 2nd, 12th, and 18th respectively, along with the aforementioned FSU ranked at No.25.

Duke, Miami’s next opponent, received several votes in the Coaches Poll and AP Poll, and was at No.27, two spots out of the official rankings, in both. In my opinion Duke is a very solid team, and should have been in this round of polls, Miami will definitely need to stay focused on the Blue Devils this week.

Miami will face off against Duke on Friday, September 29th, at 7:00pm on ESPN. Check in here at State of the U for all your game week previews, and remember...