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Food & Football: Hurricanes’ Guide to Tailgating Duke University

Good Food. Good Drinks. Good Football!

Texas A&M v Miami

Last week, the Canes took care of Toledo, 52-30 in a game that required almost 3 quarters to knock off the rust following a 21-day break between games. The Miami Hurricanes will have a much shorter break (5 days) before their next contest this Friday when they head to Durham, North Carolina for their first road test of 2017. If you're not making the trip to Brooks Field at Wallace Wade Stadium with the team, a Watch Party might be the right call. However, I know with a 7:00PM ET kickoff will make it difficult to throw the perfect party. But if you don't call an audible and head to your favorite sports bar, this would be the perfect warm up in preparation for the Florida State game next weekend. Before we get into the Game Meal let's get a little background on the Dukies.

Duke University, as we know it today, has gone through quite a few changes since it was founded in 1838 as Brown School in Trinity, North Carolina. This includes four different name changes (Brown School, Union Institute, Normal College and Trinity College) and a location change in 1892 when the University became endowed by the Duke's, specifically Washington Duke, a tobacco industrialist. In addition, in 1851, the now private university was state ran when it was Normal College. As we all know, Duke’s athletics are known as the Blue Devils. This may seem odd with their religious backing from the Methodist Church, but the name originated from the French "les Diables Bleus" which was the nickname given to the French Mountain Infantry during World War I.


For the Game Meal we are going to use Duke's mascot, the Devil, for inspiration. Usually when you think of the word devil and food, two things come to mind, devil's food cake and deviled eggs. But, with a little digging you would find that the 18th century culinary definition of the word deviled is to cook with peppers, and for this Game Meal that's exactly what you should do. My suggestion would be to cook up some "Deviled Wings" using chipotle, jalapeño and serrano peppers.


Now who doesn’t think of fire when they think of the devil? That's exactly what my suggestion for the game drink will give you. With a pitcher of "Strawberry Fire-ade", you get a balance of heat from the Fireball whiskey and freshness from the strawberry- lemonade.

I tried, but I couldn't get through this post without mentioning “The Return” that occurred last time the Canes were in Durham. I'm sure the announcers on ESPN won't be able to either. With that said, join me and let's raise a glass, and drink every time the return or Corn Elder (who may be in attendance) is mentioned…I have a feeling there is going to be a lot of drinking before kickoff.

Be safe Canes Family and drink responsibly! For full recipes of this game and previous ones, see “2017 Hurricanes’ Cooking Guide