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AAU program associated with FBI investigation releases statement

1Family AAU has made their stance on the implied accusations against the organization and a specific player known

1Family’s twitter account

On Tuesday, the FBI arrested 10 individuals and released a complaint regarding conspiracy, bribery, and money laundering in connection to College Basketball recruiting.

One of the individuals arrested was Brad Augustine, the program director for 1Family AAU. By his arrest, the AAU team/organization has been implicitly involved in this investigation.

Additionally, in the section of the complaint connected to “University-7” — believed to be Miami — it is widely thought that “player-12” is Nassir Little, a 5-star 2018 recruit who plays for 1Family AAU.

On Thursday morning, 1Family released the following statement regarding the FBI investigation and any supposed connection to the AAU team, Little, or his family members:

This is an understandably strong stance taken by 1Family in the midst of this investigation.

We will continue to post information about the investigation, and any connection it may have to 1Family, Brad Augustine, Nassir Little, and/or the University of Miami as information is reported and confirmed.

For further explanation of the allegations against “University-7” (Miami), “Player-12” (little), and more, please see our detailed explainer, which is linked below.