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You're going to Jonesboro? Irma & Arkansas State

I’ve been looking forward to a trip to Jonesboro for years. A real hurricane might stop me.

NCAA Football: Bethune Cookman at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Irma ranks as the 4559th most popular girl's name in 2017. It was 685th in 1990 and 300th in 1960. The name has been on a dramatic decline for decades since peaking at 141st in 1905. Apparently the only thing that can stop me from seeing the Miami Hurricanes is an angry 112-year-old-woman.

My picks are often cursed and jinxed, so I guess it makes sense my trip would be as well. I wrote the article below about Jonesboro before Irma came along to probably prevent me from attending, but I enjoyed writing it, so I wanted to publish anyway. Many of my friends from across the country are still heading to Arkansas so Miami will have some support regardless. If you're in the path of the storm, I hope everyone stays safe. Hopefully the Canes' performance can at least bring some positives to the weekend. Given the karma swing I'm currently experiencing, my picks are sure to be unstoppable on Saturday.

Jonesboro, Arkansas

When it was announced that Miami would be traveling to play Arkansas State in 2017, the reaction was nearly unanimous. Fans and media members all thought it was a ridiculous idea. I felt the exact opposite - I couldn't have been more excited. Over the past decade, I've made it my goal to attend every random road Miami game, leading me to visit places like Norman, Manhattan, Columbus, Lincoln, and Boone. The Canes travel to play at Toledo in 2018 - hope to see everyone there at the Glass Bowl.

After finding a place to stay near Arkansas State's stadium, I started to plan out what to do there during our visit. I headed over to Trip Advisor to check out the Top 10 Things To Do in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

The first two are very nice parks and nature centers and after seeing the rest of the list, they are clearly our best option.

- #4 on the list is The Mall at Turtle Creek - The largest mall in Northeast Arkansas.

- #5 on the list is Centennial Bank Stadium, where we'll get to watch the Miami Hurricanes dominate on Saturday afternoon.

- #6 on the list is the Jonesboro Bowling Center

- #7 on the list is a Civil War Historic Site called the Skirmish at Jonesboro that commemorates a brief battle at the Craighead Courthouse on August 2nd, 1862.

- #8 on the list is the Fancy Attic Antique store.

- #9 on the list is Rustic Charm, another antique store. If anyone wants any antiques let me know and I'll lug some back for you on the plane home.

- #10 on the list is a collection of "Gift and Specialty Shops."

Looks like we'll just have to set up shop at the Jonesboro Buffalo Wild Wings and win some picks all weekend.

Miami at Arkansas State

Miami is a 14.5 point favorite on Saturday in Jonesboro. This might not be as easy of a game as some fans think. The Red Wolves had the ball with a chance to win in the final minutes against Nebraska in Lincoln, losing 43-36. Arkansas State ran an incredible 89 plays and QB Justice Hansen was 46-68 passing for 415 yards. Arkansas State relies on a short and quick passing game, which tries to negate the advantage teams like Nebraska and Miami have up front. Nebraska wasn't able to pressure Hansen and Manny Diaz has the challenge of figuring out a way to make him uncomfortable in the pocket. Miami's secondary wasn't aggressive against Bethune-Cookman, giving up far too many easy completions. I expect a different game plan on the road on Saturday.

Arkansas State will struggle to stop Mark Walton. Nebraska RB Tre Bryant put up 192 yards on 31 carries. Miami will continue to get Malik Rosier involved in the running game. I was impressed with Rosier's speed against Bethune-Cookman. This game is similar to last year's visit to Appalachian State - a strange road environment playing in a no-win situation in a small stadium. Against App State, Miami scored on their first play and never looked back. The 21-0 lead in the first quarter ended any nerves that the players might have had. It's crucial the Canes start the same way in Jonesboro. Miami cannot allow Arkansas State to hang around within striking distance.

I'll be back Thursday with my picks. In the meantime, do your best Lance Stephenson impression and blow this storm away from South Florida.