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Miami Hurricanes News and Notes: Arkansas State Game Status, Miami Moves Up In Polls, Other Notes

A big day for Miami news.

Bethune Cookman v Miami Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Miami Hurricanes @ Arkansas State Game Status

As many of you know, a hurricane, Irma, is headed for South Florida. Irma will likely start affecting Florida significantly on Friday or Saturday, with the worst day looking like Sunday or Monday, but right now things are unclear.

Before we get to how Irma will affect the Hurricanes, we here at SOTU would like to tell you to be aware and stay safe, Irma is a MAJOR HURRICANE, and has the capacity to do major damage to Florida:

Please stay safe this weekend.

On the football front: Miami has cancelled classes from Wednesday-Friday already in advance of the storm:

It is unclear how this will affect the game on Saturday, and AD Blake James has not given any word to reporters on plans for the game, other than “everything is on the table”:

In addition media is not allowed to contact coaches or players tomorrow, so we will have to wait and see for more news regarding the status of the game or travel plans. My best guess is that UM will attempt to play the game and fly out early if necessary, but it is unclear how this will all work out. Remember, everyone please stay safe and aware, this has the potential to be a very dangerous situation:

Take that quote to heart, please.

Miami Up to 16th in AP Poll, 17th in Coaches Poll

On a happier note Miami moved up a few spots in each poll that was released on Tuesday:

Miami will look to prove even more at Arkansas State on Saturday.

DL Commit Nesta Silvera’s Twitter Hacked

For a few moments on Tuesday it appeared as if prized commit Nesta Silvera had decommitted from Miami:

Fortunately this was not the case, as Nesta quickly deleted the post, and explained that his account was hacked:

WR Ahmmon Richards Participates In Drills

Ahmmon Richards was back in action Tuesday in what is big news for Miami:

It would be great to have Ahmmon back for Saturday, especially so he can gain some game action before next week’s big showdown against Florida State. However, Ahmmon was only participating in some of the drills, and we will all have to practice some patience, the LAST thing Miami wants is for Richards’ hamstring to affect him all season.

Miami to Play Alabama in 2021 Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Game


Miami should now have a very respectable schedule in 2021, and with many hoping that we will be competing for national championships by 2021, a great competitive schedule is just what you need in the CFP Era:

A Few Other Links

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  • According to Drew Deener, Miami @ FSU is the first choice for ESPN’s College Gameday on September 16th, Louisville vs Clemson is the second choice:

That looks like it for today, stay safe and aware of Irma, and remember...