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#FlashbackFriday Miami - 41, Arkansas State 20

This is in honor of the prudent decision to cancel this weekend’s Canes game vs. the Red Wolves.

Arkansas State v Miami Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Following up on the masterpiece that SOTU’s managing editor, Cam Underwood, wrote, I thought it would appropriate to do one more #FlashbackFriday piece to remind people what happens when a Power 5 team like Miami plays a mid-major team like Arkansas State. Normally, nobody really cares about a game like this, a game where the Power 5 team pays the lesser team money to help ease the pain of playing the game at all. Once in a while David defeats Goliath but as was the case in 2014, Arky State was no David against the Miami Hurricanes Goliath.

The score might say it all, Canes 41, Red Wolves 20. The four touchdown passes from Bradley Kaaya might be the exclamation point. The 201 yards and two touchdowns by wide receiver, Phillip Dorsett might be the subplot but one play, sums up the the game and desperation of Arkansas State. The Fainting Goat. That’s right, The Fainting Goat fake punt play. A play that was so terrible, our parent site said it was the “worst fake punt we’ve ever seen.” See for yourself.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of the State of Florida and especially my friends and family riding out Hurricane Irma. May you all be safe.