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Miami Hurricanes Recruiting: WR signee Mark Pope to enroll early


Elite WR Mark Pope is coming to a campus near you VERY SOON!

On Sunday evening at the tryouts for the Florida Fire 7v7 team, 2018 Miami Hurricanes WR signee Mark Pope said he will be enrolling early at Miami.

This is BIG NEWS for Miami. Pope had planned on being and early enrollee throughout the cycle, but the academic part of that (completing the work, not passing grades) wasn’t settled, even as recently as the U.S. Army All-American game.

I listed Pope as a potential EE player in my piece on that last week, but today’s statement gives clarity on the subject.

Getting Pope on campus early is huge for Miami. Massive. Pope is a 5-star caliber player with hands and plenty of speed to make plays. He can score from anywhere on the field, and while he’s not a blazer like Jeff Thomas, defenders can rarely keep up with Pope, whose nickname is Noodles, when the games start.

This is awesome. Everything is wonderful.

See you on campus soon, Mark.

Go Canes