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Miami Hurricanes Football: Wide Receiver Highlights (and Lowlights) from the 2017 Season

SOTU reviews some of bright spots – and the not so great performances from Miami’s WRs.

Miami at Florida State Al Diaz/Miami Herald/TNS via Getty Images

State of the U continues to look back at the season that was for Miami Hurricanes football. Today we examine the highlights and forgettable moments from the wide receiver corps from the 2017 season. We’ve got game-stealing plays, breakout moments and the usual concerns that give you that nauseous feeling in your stomach when watching the U on a Saturday. Without further ado, here are your highs and lows from the 2017 season.


Langham Goes Legend

In what has been called the ‘Rally at Tally’, Langham — with a reception and 180 turn toward the endzone — beat FSU’s top cornerback Tarvarus McFadden for the catch and trudged over the goalline with the corner on his back for what is one of the more memorable moments in this bitter rivalry. Mr. Clutch, Legend, and a host of other superlatives followed the 23 yard catch-and-score by Langham that ended Miami’s dubious losing streak at the hands of their rivals.

Richards Crowns Duke

Year two was supposed to provide more of the same, or better, when it came to the play of WR Ahmmon Richards. However, due to injuries throughout the season, the sophomore playmaker had limited impact on the majority of the 2017 season. Yet, in one of his brighter moments of the season, Richards, returning to the lineup after missing a few games, made a highlight reel catch-and-run to put the exclamation on the evening. His three receptions for 106 receiving yards and one touchdown was arguably the wideout’s best game from a statistical and health standpoint, throughout the season.

Berrios in the Clutch

Darrell Langham got the TD, but it was the performance of WR Braxton Berrios that put the Hurricanes in a position to win the game. Berrios caught a season-high eight receptions for 90 receiving yards and two touchdowns in a critical game for the ’Canes. Berrios was relied upon to be the go-to receiver for Miami throughout a majority of the season, but he may not have been more appreciated for his efforts than after a game against rivals, Florida State, in which Miami finally ended their losing skid.

Honorable Mentions

Ahmmon’s block against FSU

Lawrence Cager with the Slight of Hand TD reception

Richards with catch and hop into the end zone


Ahmmon Richards’ Injuries

Hamstring, calf, knee… those were just a few of the reported injuries that the star wide receiver suffered this past season. Although Richards was able to make a go of it, it was clear that he was not the same player who we got to know in his freshman campaign. Laboring and limping between snaps and series, Richards was kept on a pitch count throughout the season. It was a hit to his knee in practice that knocked him out for the remainder of the season. Navigating through a season without their top receiving option was definitely a low for the Hurricanes in 2017.

Drops Against Syracuse

There were other games where mind-numbing, curse-at-the-screen drops by the receiving corps were points of contention, few might have been more infuriating as those in the game against Syracuse. The ‘dropsies’ weren’t isolated to one player, with players unable to put the clamps on and move forward with the ball. Of course, the defense bailed the offense out until they got their act together, but it was a humbling first half for a group that is regarded as one of the best in the conference from top to bottom.