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Miami Hurricanes Football Orange Bowl Recap: 5 Takeaways Headed into 2018

Expect Lots of Changes in the Offseason

NCAA Football: Orange Bowl-Wisconsin vs Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Malik Rosier is NOT the Answer at QB

Yes, Malik broke a decades long touchdown record previously held by Vinny Testaverde. To be clear, Malik has played admirably. But he’s not the answer long term. In 2018, he completed 54 percent of his passes. Every other throw was an incompletion, and a lot of those throws were brutal, nowhere near the literal intended target. You’d have to scroll all the way down to Robert Marve (54.5% in 2008) or Jacory Harris (54.8% in 2010) to mirror a season as inaccurate. In all, since 2004 when ESPN started keeping stats online, no Miami starting quarterback has achieved a lower completion percentage. An argument for Malik is that he can run. He’s dual threat. I agree. There has to be someone on Miami’s roster who can both run and throw the ball accurately.

Neither is Travis Homer at RB

This one is a little difficult. Travis played incredibly well and nearly ran for 1000 yards. He showed physicality and occasional bursts of speed. And maybe he becomes a super star in the offseason. I liked what I saw whenever DeeJay Dallas touched the ball, whereas Travis seemed to run straight into defenders time and time again. It’s like DeeJay could slip through creases Travis couldn’t. Also hurting Travis is 5-star Lingard who should be the next coming of Duke Johnson. I believe Travis is a bruiser, a third down back, but not a 200 carry a year workhorse. I anticipate DeeJay and/or Lingard supplanting Travis before 2018’s season opener.

Kendrick Norton, R.J. Mcintosh, and Michael Jackson Need to Return for SR Year

Norton and Mcintosh combined for 6 tackles, 2 solo tackles, zero sacks, tfl’s, or qb hurries. One could argue that both were probably held many times throughout the game, but dominant DT’s who make huge impacts in the NFL don’t accumulate such meager stats. Both can and will become dominant, but I think another year will help them turn the page from pretty good to frequently dominant. In terms of MJ, he finished with 3 solo tackles and a qb hurry. Coming out early would be a mistake for all three of these players. In an ESPN piece detailing the NFL prospects for the Orange Bowl, the brilliant writers at ESPN (yes they know a thing or two) didn’t include Norton, Mcintosh, or Jackson. Instead, KC McDermott and Jaquan Johnson were listed. That might indicate something.

Holding Calls a Product of Hate

ESPN reported that after the Orange Bowl, Miami defensive linemen drew 6 holding calls all season. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that every officiating crew in 2017 failed to call holding in Miami’s favor. It’s clearly a product of hate. In Toledo where I live there might be 3 or 4 Miami fans in the region. Everybody hates Miami. I would argue that more people in Ohio hate Miami than even their arch foe Michigan. The turnover chain is reflective of that hate. I can’t recall another CF program beset by so much organic distain. Thug U. Catholics Vs Convicts. So when an umpire sees Miami celebrating a turnover legally on a sidelines, it makes sense that judgement calls (holding, pass interference that isn’t totally obvious) might not draw a flag. Refs aren’t automated robots. Unless it’s a mandated replay call, like targeting or a touchdown, or an obvious offsides or false start, refs will miss calls. If it’s on purpose or not is a matter of debate.

CMR Worth Every Penny, the Kind of Guy I Can Root For

The argument against CMR while at Georgia was that he seemed too mellow and too stoic. Last night, CMR in contrast showed pure adrenaline and support for his team fatigued by terrible officiating (and bad offense). Managers in baseball do this all the time. So do NBA coaches. In what might look like a freak out actually lights a fire under the team and is by design. I believe CMR and his actions helped Miami play a competitive second half. If Jersey Mike made a couple of field goals, we’d have the ball with 2 min to go and the chance to win. CMR is in charge of play calling. He can’t physically coerce a running back into the right hole or a quarterback from throwing the ball directly to a Wisconsin defensive lineman. CMR also can’t control bad officiating. I wanted him to defend his players and to complain, get angry, get aggressive. He did just that. I love the guy.