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For The Canes, What A Difference Five Weeks Make

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The Hurricanes have seemed to put the LSU loss behind them, as they were able to complete the comeback against FSU.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Five weeks ago, the Hurricanes were coming off the most disappointing loss in quite sometime, having just been embarrassed at the hands of LSU, 33-17. In a season opener that showed Miami ranked 8th in the pre-season top 25, the loss to the Tigers sent South Florida into a state of panic, disappointment and wanting the 2019 season to be here already.

Fast forward to Saturday night, and post FSU game. Are the Canes perfect? Absolutely not. Are there ways to improve for Mark Richt and his team? No doubt about it.

That being said, the feeling around this team, and where we’re going has completely flipped since the LSU game. Miami’s victory over FSU was a perfect representation of that.

I’m not saying that being down 27-7 to this Seminoles team is anything to be proud of, in fact, Miami should've beaten this team by at least two scores. However, the fact that the Hurricanes were able to comeback and win against their rival, being down 20, with a redshirt freshman quarterback making his second start, is something to be excited about.

Rewind back to the LSU game, when the Tigers were up 20-3 or even 27-3, did you have any confidence that the Canes were coming back? If you say yes then you’re lying through your teeth.

When Miami was down 27-7 on Saturday, I continued to have confidence that N’Kosi Perry would lead us to victory, and he did.

So now, almost mid-October, the Canes sit at 5-1, sitting atop the ACC Coastal. Now, its obvious that we all expected that the Hurricanes would win these last five games, but there’s been something about the last five victories that’s just different.

The Hurricanes just beat FSU for the second year in a row, we have a new quarterback in whom we trust, our young talent is stepping up larger than we even anticipated, and now 5-star recruits are more interested in our program.

This season is different.

So, whats been the difference since the LSU game? Obviously the change from Malik Rosier to Perry is near the top.

The defensive line, the Turnover Chain, there are many things. Also the fact that new leaders are stepping up on the team, such as Gerald Willis III and Deejay Dallas have made a huge difference.

The next two weeks are going to play a major role in where Miami goes from here, with two trap road games coming up against Virginia and Boston College. Then, a road trip to Blacksburg to take on the Hokies will most likely decide the ACC Coastal. So yes, the season is just beginning, but be excited.