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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Virginia Edition

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An unacceptable loss sits squarely on Mark Richt and I’m livid.

NCAA Football: Miami at Virginia Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Miami went to Charlottesville to play Virginia, VIRGINIA, and lost 16-13.

Game Recap by Marshall Thomas

3 stars by Matt Washington

Enough preamble. I’m livid. Good, Bad, and Ugly starts now:

The Good

  • Miami forced UVA QB Bryce Perkins into a bad throw on the first possession, which resulted in a Trajan Bandy interception and a TURNOVER CHAIN sighting
  • ANOTHER interception, this time by Sheldrick Redwine playing centerfield and reading the QB’s eyes. CHAIN ME!!!
  • RB Travis Homer’s night. Highlighted by a 70 yard run, the junior RB had 95 yards rushing and another 50 yards receiving. Well done.
  • S Jaquan Johnson. 12 tackles in a losing effort.
  • LB Michael Pinckney. Even with missing several tackles, the junior had 12 tackles, 1.5 sacks, and 2.5 TFLs on the night. He was everywhere. But it wasn’t enough.
  • LB Shaquille Quarterman. 8 tackles, 1 sack, 2.5 TFLs.
  • CB Trajan Bandy. 2 INTs is good on any day.
  • P Zach Feagles. No, seriously! 3 punts with a 43.7 yard average. That’s the best he’s been at Miami and I’m giving credit where it’s due.
  • K Bubba Baxa. 2-2 on FGs and 1-1 on XPs. Again, credit where it’s due.
  • 9 TFLs
  • 4 sacks
  • 3 interceptions
  • held Virginia to 3-10 on 3rd down (but that’s still better than the average allowed entering today)
  • 3.7 yards per play allowed
  • 3.4 yards per rush allowed
  • 92 passing yards allowed
  • 9 chunk plays (5 passing, 4 running)
  • Allowed 7.7 yards per completion
  • Allowed 4.38 yards per attempt
  • Allowed 231 total yards of offense

The Bad

  • Failing on 4th down from mid-field on the 1st possession of the game. Good decision to go for it, bad result to not make it.
  • Not containing UNC’s QB run on read option or zone read. Just too much running room for the QBs on the day (even if they didn’t score much, needs to get fixed) — THIS IS AN EXACT COPY AND PASTE FROM THE UNC GAME!!!!
  • 18 first downs allowed to UNC
  • 30:26 time of possession allowed (including the last 3 minutes of the game to ice it for Virginia)
  • Only 58 plays on offense
  • 5.8 yards per play
  • 3 points TOTAL on 3 Virginia turnovers
  • 2 FGs in redzone
  • 4-11 on 3rd down
  • Only 339 total offense

The Ugly

  • Hope you’re ready to read for a while because I have a lot to say.
  • A holding call on Hayden Mahoney erased a big 3rd down conversion early in the game. Miami went on to punt after not converting the replayed 3rd down. And, to be clear, it was the right call. Ugly play by Mahoney to hold in a key spot there.
  • N’Kosi Perry’s interception late in the first quarter. Locked on to Mike Harley, who got a free release....but UVA was playing cover-3 and the Safety was in the middle of the field waiting on the throw. Woof.
  • Michael Jackson ejected for a questionable (at best) targeting call. Super soft and robs Miami of their best cornerback with 1:39 left in the first quarter of the game. Terrible.
  • 1st quarter yardage: Virginia 81, Miami 14. Disgusting.
  • ANOTHER Interception by Perry, thrown targeting Harley, but hit the DB between the numbers. Returned 63 yards and set up a UVa TD to put the Cavaliers up 10-0. Positively Rosier-esque. Disgusting.
  • Pulling Perry in the 2nd quarter. After force feeding Malik Rosier, with his NOTORIOUSLY terrible play to start games all year in 2017, down our throats, you pull Perry? Absolute horseshit, Richt.
  • Rosier’s interception. A badly floated ball. A duck thrown right to a defender. Terrible.
  • Perry’s night. 3-6 for 20 yards and 2 INTs. Not good enough, but he wasn’t given a chance to get things right.
  • Rosier’s night. 12-23 for 170 yards (wait, REALLY) and an interception. Rosier also had 19 yards rushing and Miami’s only TD on the night, but it was on a drive that took FOREVER when Miami needed to go fast.
  • Malik Rosier’s arm. He has a weak, noodle arm and was routinely throwing late and/or behind receivers because of his lack of talent and skill. By my count, Rosier threw no less than 5 (maybe 6) interceptable passes. He was very lucky to only have 1 picked off.
  • Mark Richt’s “rationale” for benching Perry. We’d seen this movie before, from Rosier. Richt stuck with him all season last year in spite of performances much worse than what Perry did. But Richt said he went to Rosier, a marginally talented player AT BEST, for “maturity”. Well, Mark, that “mature” player doesn’t have the talent or skill to play at Miami and your insistence on playing him cost us the game. Hope you’re happy.
  • Richt’s playcalling. Conservative and predictable. Absolutely atrocious.
  • Tito Odenigbo’s personal foul. After forcing a UVa FG attempt, Odenigbo decided that late in the 4th quarter of a 3 point game was the time to “get revenge” on an OL and push him in the back, extending UVa’s final drive. One of the worst and most idiotic mistakes I’ve ever seen. I’d cut him in the lockerroom if I could.
  • Trajan Bandy’s roughing the kicker penalty. Rushing the final FG attempt, Bandy laid out for a block. He rolled into the kicker, which should have been a 5 yard penalty at best, but the refs called the 15 yarder, taking the points off the board, but giving Virginia back the ball to run out the clock. Horrible call. And yes, I admit it was a penalty, but not the game-ending personal foul that was called.

We. Lost. To. Virginia.

Team Grades

Offense: F

13 points against Virginia? Terrible. Lack of urgency? Terrible. Non-existent run game absent that ONE 70 yard run? Horrible. The same, predictable play calls (we were on twitter calling out every play during the game)? Pathetic. Benching Perry for Rosier? Unforgiveable. 3 Interceptions? Disgusting.

Defense: B+

Look, Miami’s defense, did everything in their power to win. 3 turnovers forced. TFLs. Sacks. Pressure. Sure, they missed some tackles and allowed some points, but holding UVa out of the endzone, especially facing the short fields they had for much of the game, was yeoman’s work. I’m nitpicking by giving them a B+, but I can’t give an A with a loss, even one that wasn’t really on the defense.

Special Teams: C

FGs and Punts were good. But the onside kick in the 4th quarter was horribly executed, and Virginia got some room on a couple returns. I miss the days when Miami’s special teams were dominant. Oh, and the penalty on Bandy effectively ended the game, so that’s a demerit on ST’s, as well.

Coaching: Fireable

An atrocious showing by Mark Richt personally as head coach and offensive coordinator. The choice with flimsy — at best — foundation to bench Perry for Rosier cost Miami the game. Full stop. And the horrible, predictable, conservative playcalling was worse than ever.

I am not exaggerating when I say this is fireable. Not for Richt at HC, but for several coaches on the staff. Richt needs to be forced to fire himself and hire a real OC. He needs to fire his QB coach (IDC IDC IDC THAT THAT’S HIS SON!!! HE NEEDS TO GO). He needs to fire the OL coach. This game should rightfully cost people their jobs.

I am DISGUSTED by the cowardly decision to bench Perry, and further disgusted by the lack of preparation and terrible performance seen by the Canes today. This is BY FAR the worst loss of the Mark Richt era at Miami, and my anger is justified. This was a game that Al Golden would have coached, and I AM NOT ACCEPTING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This loss is 100% on Mark Richt. Heavy is the head blah blah blah. But you’re the coach, you made some terrible decisions, and you cost your team a win by playing a marginally talented player with average performance at best.

Changes need to be made and they need to be made now. Period.

That’s it for The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Go Canes