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It’s Time for a New Play Caller

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What occured on Saturday night was unacceptable for all ‘Canes fans, and Richt has to be held accountable.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Miami scored a season-low of 13 points on Saturday night as the efficiency of Richt’s scheme hit an all time low.

With Miami’s defense intercepting Bryce Perkins 3 times, the momentum was surely our favor. It was negated however, as Miami was only able to get 3 points off turnovers.

What occured on Saturday was fireable, and proved to us that the Al Golden/Randy Shannon years aren’t as far away as we had hoped. Keeping teams in the game and playing down to our opponent were supposed to be things of the past; but on Saturday night, the ‘Canes did just that.

‘Cane fans have been wishing for a new play caller since 2016, but their voices and message is louder, and more relevant than ever before following the loss.

A perfect example would come on Miami’s first drive of the second half, with the ‘Canes still down by 7 points. Miami marched down to Virginia’s 25 yard line, but ran 2 identical plays into the pile, resulting in a turnover on downs. Virginia stacked the box, and brought the house, as they knew the exact play that Richt would run.

This kind of stubborness was shown last week against Florida State as well, but it was all forgiven due to the outcome. Still, boos were heard coming from the crowd during that contest, as the frustration is synonymous with ‘Cane fans.

Losing in this fashion isn’t acceptable, and should never be for Miami Hurricane fans. Miami had no business losing this game, and still found a way to despite having multiple opportunities to take control.

Richt, his strategy, and staff must be held accountable for the lack of production, maturity, and preparation for this game. Losing to teams like Virginia is a thing of the past, and the past came back to haunt the ‘Canes on Saturday. It’s extremely clear to us now that Miami is not at an elite level, and has a long way to go.

We can only hope that this trend dies quickly, and that changes to the offensive scheme are made sooner than later.