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Miami Hurricanes News and Notes: Miami loses to Virginia and things look pretty terrible

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I mean.....they do

NCAA Football: Miami at Virginia Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

So, that sucked. But here we are for News and Notes so I guess we have to relive the horror from last night.

Miami loses to Virginia 16-13

Terrible. Atrocious. Unacceptable. No matter the adjective you want to use, that applies to this game. Our coverage package from this pathetic showing is as follows:

Let me be clear: this is BY FAR the worst loss of the Mark Richt era, and analogous to any terrible Al Golden loss. This is a failing of the entire program, and sits squarely on Mark Richt’s shoulders and is UNACCEPTABLE.

My rage knows no bounds.

Other recaps and commentary

Other writers had things to say following this travesty of a game. Here are some of them:


Here are the post-game interviews from this debacle of a game

Head Coach Mark Richt

QB Malik Rosier (Perry got benched, remember?)

S Jaquan Johnson

LB Shaq Quarterman

WR Lawrence Cager

That’s all I’ve got. We’ll have more commentary and analysis from this catastrophe through the day and the week.

And oh yeah, it’s a bye week so we have NOTHING to think about but this fiasco.


Go Canes