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4 (Possible) Offensive Coordinator Candidates for the ‘Canes

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Mark Richt’s scheme has had issues ever since he arrived in Miami. However, after the loss on Saturday, the argument for a new offensive coordinator has never been stronger.

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A major factor as to why Mark Richt became Miami’s head coach was the ability to call his own plays. Sadly, it’s gotten to the point where Miami is losing games due to his scheme/strategy. The fans have been calling for a ‘true’ offensive coordinator/play caller, but now it’s time for a new hire if Richt, and the administration want to make this an elite program once again.

Here are 4 possible candidates for the job:

Ken Dorsey (FIU Asst. Athletic Director, Former Carolina Panthers QB Coach): As all Hurricane fans know, Dorsey led the ‘Canes to their most recent National Championship, and was a critical player in the greatest college football team in history. His recent appointment of Assistant Athletic Director at FIU makes him leaving unlikely, but he brings a lot to the table, including NFL experience. A former quarterback coach for the Carolina Panthers, Dorsey worked with Cam Newton for multiple seasons, and his knowledge of the game would greatly benefit Miami’s quarterbacks in particular.

Sterlin Gilbert (South Florida OC): This season, USF’s total-offense is ranked 20th in the nation, averaging just under 500 yards per game. Gilbert can also be held responsible for the development of Jimmy Garoppolo, who now is the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. Gilbert doesn’t brings NFL experience to the table, but his offenses have been consistently efficient throughout his career. “Gilbert’s previous four offenses at four different programs… posted a combined average of 505.3 yards and 36.8 points per game” (source). We don’t truly know if Miami is actually looking for an offensive coordinator, but Gilbert’s consistent track record is hard to ignore.

Rob Chudzinski (Former Indianapolis Colts OC & Asst. Coach): Chudzinski brings the most NFL experience to the table, in addition to experience surrounding Miami. Chudzinski played tight end for the ‘Canes from 1986 to 1990, and has a decade of coaching experience at Miami. Hiring a former member of staff isn’t something that typically happens, but Chudzinski’s resume may be the most impressive of all the candidates. His pro strategy may be the best for Miami also, as some of the other candidates on this list would bring a vastly different attack.

Kendal Briles (Houston OC): Scooping up coaches from smaller programs may not be the route Miami wants to take, but the success that Houston has had on offense this year is worth noting. Houston ranks 1st in total offense this season so far, averaging 582.2 yards per game (source). This is familiar territory for Briles however, as he was Baylor’s offensive coordinator in 2015, and was a finalist for the “Broyles Award,” which is given to the nation’s best assistant coach of the season. Houston’s rapid-fire style is unlike the Canes’ current scheme, but that shouldn’t exclude him from the list. What Miami may want to take into consideration though, is the scandal that took place during his tenure at Baylor, which may not make him the best candidate despite his coaching success.

This has been a long time coming for Richt, as offense has been an area of concern ever since his arrival. Miami could benefit from a more-mature N’Kosi Perry, but it’s clear now that a great quarterback isn’t going to fix Richt’s scheme. His strategy doesn’t give us the best chance to win, and he should be held accountable.