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The Harsh Reality Of Being A Canes Fan

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The Virginia loss was bad, but its something we’ve faced many times before.

Florida State v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Whether you grow up in South Florida, come from out of state to attend Miami, or simply you were raised rooting for the U, once you start cheering for the Hurricanes, its a passion that remains deep inside you.

Sometimes its great being a Canes fan, well, it’s always great, but obviously there are better moments than others. Beating Notre Dame last season, coming back against FSU last week, or any of the national championship years, there’s nothing better than seeing Miami flourish.

Then there’s moments like this past weekend. There I sat in my bedroom, having to separate myself from my friends because I couldn't handle the Miami meltdown during our loss to Virginia. I had to watch the game by myself due to the fact that watching this team gives me real anxiety.

The amount of rage and just pure sadness that came from that Virginia loss was something I hadn’t felt as a Miami fan in several years. It was worse than the LSU game, heck even worse than Pitt last year, because we had at least won 10 games.

For Canes fans, it’s been a long time coming for our return to glory, the U being back. Some of the readers on this site were alive and well for those championship teams, not me. Coming to real fan-hood the night of the Ohio State Fiesta Bowl loss, I've known no true success from Miami football.

We watched in shock the year-by-year decline in the Larry Coker era. Then we were forced to endure the Randy Shannon tenure while Miami dropped deeper into mediocrity, before we were brought to the depths of hell while Al Golden was the head man.

And why do we do it? Why on earth do we put up with this team, year after year, coming to games when Hard Rock Stadium is over 100-degrees, waiting out the off-season, only to have Mark Richt call a fullback dive on two straight plays and losing to a team coached by Bronco Mendenhall. As I’m writing this, I'm only becoming more angry.

I’ll tell you why we do it. Its because of the joy we do feel when this team wins, there’s honestly and truly nothing better. Walking out of Hard Rock two weeks ago after beating FSU, with everyone chanting, “Its great, to be, a Miami Hurricane,” those are the moments we wait for.

And its also key to remember, that its been much worse than this. The Hurricanes still have an opportunity to repeat as ACC Coastal division champs. Is this really worse than 58-0?

So yes, get mad at Twitter. Say you're done with Miami, heck, I've said that many times after a Canes loss, but you know what, the very next Saturday, I'm back in my Miami polo cheering on my team, and so will you, because the good will ALWAYS outweigh the bad.