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Miami Hurricanes News & Notes: Bye week and social media round up

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Wednesday of the bye week leaves a lot to be desired on the WWW

Miami v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

The Miami Hurricanes are on their bye week after the 16-13 downright ugly loss to the UVA Cavaliers. Mark Richt is making promises to reassess the entire roster and reporters and fans alike are pontificating about the ‘Canes latest Al Golden’ing in Charlottesville.

Around the Web

This really cool dude named Justin Dottavio (do we need to start #WWDD?) wrote a piece about the 2016 recruiting class being a dud and coaching staff changes.

The Miami Herald’s Susan Miller Degnan has a piece out about the defense titled, “The Hurricanes’ defense is still on fire. Will it eventually boil over in frustration?” which feels a bit click baity.

Jason Dill, also from the Herald, has an article out titled, “Remember FSU’s trick play pass against Miami? Here’s what the ACC said about it.” It gives a little insight from the ACC and their officials.

Palm Beach Post writer Tom D’Angelo’s article from October 15th says, “UM coach Mark Richt should start QB Malik Rosier at Boston College in the Red Bandanna Game.” D’Angelo feels that Malik Rosier gives Miami the best chance to win.

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