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Miami Hurricanes Recruiting Radar: 5-star WR Jadon Haselwood decommits from Georgia

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Things just got IN-TER-EST-ING for the recruitment of one of the best players in America.

State of the U Illustration by Mike Meredith

Late on Tuesday night, one of the biggest moves recently in recruiting came down the timeline when Ellenwood (GA) Cedar Grove 5-star WR Jadon Haselwood decommitted from Georgia.

Haselwood, currently ranked as the #1 WR in the 2019 recruiting class and #3 prospect in the country OVERALL, is an elite player if ever there was one. At 6’3” 196lbs, Haselwood is the prototype at WR, and also plays Safety for his HS team. But make no mistake: he’s a game changing WR at the collegiate level.

For their part, Miami has been recruiting Haselwood pretty hard for a long time, despite his previous commitment to Georgia. WR coach Ron Dugans has built arguably the best and most diverse WR room in America, so he has the ability to go after an elite player such as Haselwood.

The connection between Miami and Haselwood is tangible, and could be growing. The Peach State-native has visited Miami’s Coral Gables campus twice previously: once in the spring and once in the summer for Paradise Camp, Miami’s premier recruiting event. Haselwood brought multiple family members with him for both trips, so there’s something there.

If we’re looking at the Georgia side of things, Haselwood came to Paradise Camp instead of attending UGA’s Dawg Night, a similar recruiting event started by Mark Richt when he coached the Bulldogs. Haselwood did take an unofficial to Athens for Georgia’s game against Tennessee last week, but previous to that it had been months since the local player, and premium commit, had been to Athens. Recruiting is rarely linear, but when you add up the things I just listed in the last 2 paragraphs, you start to see the picture leading to tonight’s decommitment.

Now that he’s decommitted from Georgia, I fully expect Miami to kick their recruitment of this elite player up to high gear. Haselwood will likely take an Official Visit to Miami in the near future — possibly even this weekend for Miami-Florida State — and from there, it’s full speed ahead.

As I wrote in this month’s Class Breakdown, Miami is content with a 1 man WR class of 4-star Jeremiah Payton. But any and every team in America would take a player of Haselwood’s caliber on their roster, and Miami looks to be in a prime position to make moves with the supremely talented star.

There’s a long way to go with Haselwood, and many teams figure to try to get involved with his recruitment, if they weren’t already doing so. But in any event, there’s documented evidence of Miami’s connection to and involvement with Haselwood, and the time is now to make that pay off in a big, big way.

Stay tuned.

Go Canes